Use Football-Related Content to Draw Brand Awareness

You can find something in your business to create football related content t
You can find something in your business to create football-related content!

  San Diego quality content writers beg their clients to please come up with topics focused on their own clients lives, rather than the business’s new copier, executive promotion, etc. It is now football season, and many of your consumers are San Diego Chargers fans. We bet you can write something funny or fun about the San Diego Chargers that relates to your business. Once you get it written, share it on your Facebook page and other social media channels to carry your business name to your clients’ friends and further. When you give your clients something fun and funny to share with their friends on Facebook, you provide an opportunity for connection they may not have otherwise had. They will appreciate you for it.  

Brainstorm Your Potential Football Related Content with These 12 Business Examples

Hair salon:  Critique your team’s haircuts and say what you would do to make them better. Try new and in-style hair colors and hair styles that are relevant to particular football teams. Review a signature hairstyle of a player. Veterinarian:  Find the top football playing dog lovers and her cat lovers. For example, New England Patriots Quarterback Tim Tebow and his Rhodesian Ridgeback or the running back from the Chicago Bears, Matt Forte, and his pitbull, Ali. Such celebrity athletes and their love for their canines and felines will warm your pet owners hearts and show that you’re interested in what they’re interested in. Attorney:  Find the top lawsuits involving football players. For instance, discuss the recent $5 million lawsuit concerning Portland State University’s football player concussion or popular quarterback, Dan Marino’s withdrawal from concussion lawsuit. Marketing agency:  Analyze the Chargers marketing efforts and say what you would do differently. RV dealership:  Tips for tailgating at your city’s stadium with your RV.  For instance, park in the lots specifically for RVs and teach how to follow rules and restrictions as well as what to bring. Also, provide tips for specific hotspots for tailgating. After all, those who tailgate with an RV put all the pickup truck owners to shame. E-commerce:  Create a new page for football parties only! Provide details as to what is needed for such parties as well as the best food and supplies, including specific items from your website. Counseling/ psychology:  Here’s where we depart from the fun. Are you a football widow?  Write a blog post about coping with your spouses passion.  Create a blog post about how football players suffer from depression  resulting from either a former football injury  or the loss of career?  These big tough guys need counseling just like the rest of us!  Heisman Trophy winner and New Orleans Saints’ running back Ricki Williams has been very forthcoming about his social anxiety disorder.  Can you write a blog post about a famous football player with mental health issues? Restaurants: Establish a date or weekend featuring specials on a football player or team’s favorite/preferred meal before/after a game or season. Provide discounts or coupons for those who come to the restaurant wearing football jerseys or the colors of a certain football team. Dentists: Advertise with a particular football player’s pearly whites.  You can use a football player’s image as long as you write an editorial blog post around it.  You can’t put up a poster including that football player’s  photo unless you get permission and most likely pay a big fee.  “Editorial use”  where you your to simply use the photo to illustrate your written work is perfectly legitimate. We like for affordability and selection. Real Estate:  Create blog posts about the type of home style certain football players seem to gravitate toward. Tutoring Centers: Advertise with educated football players who found alternate career before or after their time playing. Promote the importance of being both athletic, able-bodied and literate. (See the Dentists example above to learn how to use images of players legitimately.) Food related businesses: Advertise specific food, drink, or products that popular football players enjoy and promote. Incorporate pictures of players into specific aisles or products that they commonly use and appreciate. (See the Dentists example above to learn how to use images of players legitimately.)  

 Still Stuck on Creating Football Related Content for Your Business?

The creative types at Informed Web Content can help you create seasonally relevant content for your ideal audiences. While football is a great subject for September,  your clients will also be focusing on Halloween, Thanksgiving and the holidays soon. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 858-248-0667 or via email if you have questions or need a few ideas about content.    

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