Twitter Forms A “Trust & Safety Council” To Balance Abuse Vs Free Speech

twitter rainbow Twitter’s latest step in the tricky balancing act of championing free speech without also handing a free pass to orchestrated harassment via its platform is the announcement today that it’s formed a “Trust & Safety Council” comprised of multiple external organizations with various interests in the two issues. The company said today that the Twitter Trust &… Read More
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  2. Christopher^Okay&#44 this t-shirt is a must have for Breaking Bad fans and even people who aren’t fans (explanation to come). I bought this shirt my brother last Christmas and he loved it. I then proceeded to buy one for myself and I love it. The quality of the shirt itself and the print of the “Los Pollos Hermanos” logo is great. The best part about this shirt is it is an awesome conversation starter. Strangers who are fellow Breaking Bad fans will ask you&#44 “Hey&#44 where did you get that sweet shirt? My old lady is dying for one.” Meth dealers down on their luck will approach you suspiciously for employment opportunities. Disgruntled KFC employees will also approach you asking you how you answered your job application survey to land such a sweet gig at Los Pollos Hermanos. People who are Spanish-speaking&#44 yet unfamiliar with the Breaking Bad series will ask you what exit to take off of I-10 to visit the amazing (and for whatever reason assumed to be) Tex-Mex restaurant that is Los Pollos Hermanos.All of the above examples excluding the one with the meth dealer have happened to me&#44 so if you are a bit anti-social and looking to go from timid&#44 grass-nibbling caterpillar to lvl 100 solarbeam-blasting Butterfree&#44 buy this shirt. It doesn’t matter if you have never seen the show; people are just going to want to chat with you about the shirt. It comes in a few different colors&#44 but I have found the blue shirt contrasts the design on the logo the best. Gray is second best. All hail Heisenberg.~5|Danna^To say I was excited when I found this shirt on Amazon would be an understatement. Ever since I had since I had fallen for the character of Gus on Breaking Bad&#44 I knew I needed the merch! But jeez&#44 finding anything of his in store when the series had been over for quite a while was pretty much impossible. At the time&#44 taking to the internet never occurred to me. Don’t ask why. I haven’t a clue haha.Anyway&#44 this shirt fits excellently. It’s perfectly soft and nicely slimming&#44 and the off-white/grey color against the high quality print is pretty unique and pops very nicely. Excellent shirt! I would buy more from this company for sure.~5|Santini^This is the worst tee shirt I have ever bought. The material is not cotton and the art work looks like a child did it. I ordered a 2x and the shirt appears to be about a medium. I would not recommend the site for any clothing. RUN. For me it was a waste of time and money. Beware what you buy from China~3|Kurt NYC^Arrived on time. That’s about all I can say I liked about it. The logo is way too bright and not distressed at all. Completely different than the picture. Also also very small for an XL. Returning~4|Kindle Customer^Very disappointed. Not an official manufacturer. Very thin material. Hand an iron print in one spot.~4|Kenneth Raczka^Ordered two&#44 but seller sent only one shirt. Shirt is not cotton&#44 but rather some type of shiny polyester material. Screen print is fuzzy and not at all as portrayed in description. Ordered a size large&#44 but sent a shirt with absolutely no tags or markings that would be small on a five year old child. This is a Chinese knockoff scam!!!!! Good luck getting your money back if you order&#44 won’t be easy.~3|John M^There is a reason why 40% of these reviews are not positive. Don’t waste your money~3|amanda shipley^Do not buy this! It was supposed to come march 13-21 and it showed up march 31st. We ordered a 2xl and it fits like a large and it says that it is cotton and it is a shiny silk like material that looks terrible. Such a waste of money and such a disappointment. Do not buy or waste you money. Clearly they are saying they are selling something then deliver something completely different.~3|JustJeff^Got the Tee shirt because of the los pollos hermanos pop up was in town for SXSW and we are a fan of Breaking Bad&#44 the shirt fits snug and if you are fit the snugness works well.~5|Aaron S.^I ordered the grey color shirt. When it came&#44 I noticed the material to be very thin. You can see your skin through the shirt. The neck hole is very large. So much it would look comical if not having a white undershirt under it. I would not recommend it.~3|

  3. Max^Nothing makes me look slimmer and with more muscles than I probably have……okay than I really have; than a shirt that is tight around the bicep and loose but straight around the body. I usually wear a large&#44 but I got one and washed it… went to a medium. So I ordered an XL&#44 washed it……and ladies… comes daddy!!! (I’m daddy……..creepy? Yes&#44 but I’m sorry that’s how it is) It’s perfect! The shirt looks sweet with graphics and the whole distressed look that is the desired look now-a-days. The picture does it justice. Now just imagine a pasty white fella trying to look cool and younger than he is&#44 and there you have it…”It” being pretty much anybody that will order an XL and is male………..oh&#44 and is pasty white……OK&#44 maybe it’s just me!!!! Fine&#44 just trust me&#44 the shirts cool okay!!~5|Amazon Customer^The logo is made to look old and weathered and it’s very good looking with colors still leaking through the picture. Someone may found it is too bleak for their taste I think&#44 but it is ok for me.Bought in pair with~4|Angie^It was a gift for my husband&#44 he absolutely loved it. Great quality fabric&#44 soft and lightweight&#44 really true to size&#44 not bigger or smaller&#44 the printed image is just like the picture&#44 very happy&#44 definitely would buy another one for me ????~5|Jack Phelps^Great shirt&#44 except the small is huge on me. Normal smalls are fine&#44 this one is very very large. I also have the dark side of the moon “Impact Men’s Distressed” shirt&#44 and that one fits perfectly. Not so much for this one :(Aside from that issue&#44 the distressing is well done; it looks legit worn.~3|Nicole Pellegrini^Love the soft&#44 lightweight feel of the fabric here and the vintage/worn-in look. I’ve gotten a lot of complements on this shirt when I’ve worn it out and about. The other reviewers are correct that the sizing runs small&#44 so definitely order up a size to get the fit that you want.~4|Christopher P.^I wear a large. This shirt fit like a cross between a Medium / Small. If you order this shirt and wear a large&#44 ORDER UP ONE SIZE. I ended up giving this away to my niece because it was so small. I feel like I wasted money on this purchase. :(~4|Chauna I.^My teenage son loves this shirt. I actually ordered this twice because his first one got ruined by another kid at school. It fits as expected and hasn’t faded at all after several times washing it. I would buy this again if I had to&#44 but I’m hoping this one lasts longer than the first one.~5|JTF^Ordered this shirt expecting an xxl tshirt as described – after waiting 5 weeks for it to get here I opened the package to find – I’m not even sure how to describe it – I guess just see picture below. SMH~3|AuburnTiger^Head’s up to you guys. I’m skinny(so much so that people tell me I’m too skinny) and bought a medium and it still was too small. There is no way you will fit in this shirt unless you buy one size up from the one you normally wear. Don’t say I didn’t warn|Jess J.^I feel like this shirt gets softer every time I wash it. I get a lot of compliments on it. I love how the design is faded and yet hasn’t continued to fade. I’ve worn this shirt once a week for 6 months now&#44 and it still looks the same as the day I got it&#44 only softer to the touch. I haven’t seen any pilling or hem twisting of any kind. Fits true to size.~5|

  4. Mercy and Me^I ordered two of these t-shirts. One is for my daughter and one is for her husband. They are a cute little couple who like to look like Mutt and Jeff when they go out. There are currently living in the Baha and I talked to them last week and they asked for a care package. Immediately I thought of Mountain. I have purchased 3 other t-shirts from them and they were great. Since it is difficult to get cool things of American quality&#44 never mind American humor standards&#44 when you are living in Mexico&#44 I decided this shirt was just the one.The kids are acting missionaries and like to blend in with the culture most of the time&#44 but now and then&#44 they like to make an American Statment and this Mountain t-shirt is just about as American as you can get. Then again&#44 it too has its bi-cultural side&#44 since it is \”Made in America\” but assembled in \”Mexico.\”I love the way Mountain puts its shirts together. The are 100% cotton and it is THICK cotton&#44 not some wimpy stuff. The frog logo on this one is done in georgeous colors that seem to jump off the front of the shirt. The photo cannot do justice to the real colors. They are SO vibrant. The stone washed portion of the shirt is well mottled and is very nice looking also.The frog appears to be silk screened into the fabric. It is certainly not like the rubbery logos that I have seen previously which just beg to get into the washer so they can start to flake and peal apart. This frog will be on the front of this shirt for a long time ad will live through many&#44 many washings without damage.Of course&#44 the real reason I bought this shirt was the little peace sign the frog is making. It looks like his little hand will come right off the fabric so that he can shake hands with you. It is very realistic. Just the right statement for two missionary kids: \”Hi there&#44 let’s get to know one another.\” It will be a great conversation starter.Remember to order one size too small for a female. My daughter would be swimming in this size Medium.So&#44 my hat is off to Mountain&#44 for making such a great product and for making this specific shirt that exactly meets my personal needs. Darned nice of them to call me before they put it into production. But I will not be greedy&#44 I can think of lots of reasons you might want it too.So this is my 5th Mountain T’shirt and I expect I will buy more. They have been really great.~5|Michelle O'Daniel^I can’t say enough about this jumping tree frog’s dynamic personality. Great colors that pop that frog right off the shirt. My Grandson saw it in the first two minutes of looking and that was it. He is going to be sad that its way too big. I ordered the Child Small but I got something for an eight or nine year old’s body. That makes us so sad because of all these reasons: You do use artists to animate your animals. The subtle touch of using a two-tone texture on the background deepens the illusion of an eye popping frog and I don’t think any one uses better weight and smoothness than The Mountain on their t-shirts. Nicely finished neck trim&#44 guys. You’re good. Now can you help me get a much smaller size? Please? Thanks.~5|dburgoon^My husband bought me this shirt a couple of years ago and it immediately became my favorite.. The old one just wore out pretty much&#44 so I had to buy a new one! Great shirt&#44 great fit and I get tons of compliments on it! Love this shirt!~5|WVU Mountaineer Fan^I got 2 comments the 1st night I wore it&#44 so that’s cool. Definitely worth 15 bucks.Also bought the blue one. Seems like good quality; didn’t find any flaws on either one.The only thing I wasn’t too thrilled about is that the bottom foot is right at my waistline.I think the design is printed a little bit lower than it appears in the image.~4|Ryga^I like it fine&#44 get complements on it too. But the printing could be deeper and richer. It’s a bit on the light side. Shame; if it had been printed better the 3D look would be stunning. Cotton fabric is medium weight and soft. Standard fit for a men’s medium.~4|Mitchell R. Klein^Great shirt. Got it for a trip to the cloud forests of Costa Rica. Got some nice compliments on it and referred those people to Amazon to get their own~5|SavvvyShopper^Such a cute shirt with the tree frog!! This runs larger and longer as do all Mountain shirts&#44 it seems but looks great with leggings and I bought froggy earrings to go along with the shirt. I am a fan of these shirts as they wash and wear well and I love the nature inspired designs!~5|Debbie Walters^I loved the color. I have no t-shirts this color and love the frog on the t-shirt. He so easy to see and SO bright. The shirt is very well made.~5|Deborah Lengel^This is a fun shirt. Visually strong and it always gets some fun response. A good time shirt. Fits great.~5|CindyLou721^The fit was way too long…..I bought a 2xl and my girlfriend who loves frogs is only 5’4″. I’m 5’10” and it went to my knees&#44 great for me&#44 but not so much for her. Wish I could have returned it and given her the $$ instead&#44 as she could have used it more than an ill fitting t shirt.~4|

  5. Amazon Customer^Durable&#44 fits great&#44 great quality~5|Phil^I have a larger head than normal and this thing causes me to get a headache after about 15 minutes of activity. Now I just use a 50 cent bandanna from Walmart. My hat size is 7 3/4 for reference.~3|CF^Ordered this for a 70’s themed party to compliment some wonderful retro roller skates. The order arrived quickly and the item was better than expected. I was a bit concerned hearing about the tight size but it fit my rather large head well.~5|Schnizle^I bought this sweat band to mop up sweat on my forehead when riding an exercise bike. I was getting pimples&#44 probably from the sweat… It does a good job of absorbing the sweat and no more pimples!~4|

  6. Mitzi Hazleback^Got this for my best friends son. Not only is it super cute&#44 but it’s really soft. Size is as described as well.~5|Josie G.^Very cute little shirt. I bought a size 3T for a 2 year old…so that it would last awhile. It fits true to size. I like that the the graphic on the shirt is soft. This was purchased as a gift&#44 so I’m not sure about how it will hold up to laundering&#44 but it seems to be well made. I’m very pleased with my purchase! I would also like to include that the shipping time was excellent. This was shipped from China and the shipping time on the tracking information said that it would take about a month to receive it. I was pleasantly surprised to receive it in just over a week. Would purchase from this seller again. Thank you!!~5|JudyAZ^This shirt is adorable. Soft with a little bit of stretch. Super comfy. My favorite batman shirt for my grandson. Fit is as expected. Would love to see a shirt for Wonder Woman too! Superman&#44 Supergirl etc. I would buy them also.~5|Kindle Customer^It does run a bit small&#44 so if you want it last longer&#44 order one size up. But the shirt is adorable and I can’t wait to see my nephew in it!~5|Brandy G^We ordered a 3T and it fit my toddler just right. He has gotten so many compliments on this shirt and really thinks he is batman as he slips it on. When people call him batman it only adds to his superhero ego. He now wants his own bat mobile…~5|E. Brown^Very high quality t-shirt. The fabric is soft and stretchy&#44 the design is adorable and not the type of application that can flake off. My 2 y/o daughter loves it!~5|April Farmer^This shirt is the absolute cutest! The fit is perfect and feels like it’s good quality. Packaging was also nice and neat. Would definitely order more from them !~5|mom79^Great Quality. My son LOVES it! he’s 3 and I purchased the 4T~5|H. Mcelmurry^This tee is precious. The material is soft and light &#44 yet sturdy. The back also has an image of the back of batman. I love that the image is a cuter less scary version since I bought it for my three year old grandson. He loves it. I looked to see if the brand had any other tees that he’d like but really this is it. If you are on the fence. Just buy it!~5|tlc1965^My grandson loves Superheros…just like his father and his uncles…I thought this batman graphic was cute for his age&#44 he will be 6. I am sure he will love it&#44 my daughter says he will.~5|

  7. Vincent Biever^I was somewhat disappointed in this product for a few reasons. First off&#44 the communication between the shipping company&#44 the provider and myself was quite confusing. It ended up in me paying for another t shirt because I thought I wouldn’t get mine in time from this provider. However&#44 with that being said&#44 I was suprised at the speed of shipping while coming from overseas. Also tho&#44 the shirt (at least the one I received) had a darker or color and a faded logo&#44 unlike what is pictured. It was a little small as well. Regardless&#44 it is still a shirt that I wear and I still enjoy it. I might not be quick to recommend this especially since you can spend 2 more dollars and get more certainty and better service.~3|Mike P^Great t shirt! Takes a little longer to get to you because it comes from oversees but is worth the wait. The shirt is really nicely made&#44 with a gray lining around the collar providing more comfort and sweat protection. Cool design and a really true orange color. A great t shirt!~5|Joshuas amzon kustomer^It’s an okay shirt …the kneck size is different….the logo is a little off …it was not printed in the middle of shirt….but I could wear it for Halloween…~4|Amazon Customer^The shirt was a gift for the holiday&#44 the shirt arrived with some sort of stain on the upper back near the neck line of the shirt &#44 had to wash it to get the stain somewhat out. Still feel it was a good deal for the money. Just make sure you look it over and by it in advance just in case you have a problem too~3|Emma Keys^The shirt is good quality but the symbol is flaking off after only 1 wash in cold water and air dry. Disappointed as I am an Aquaman fan~4|Amazon Customer^Great product great price&#44 fits well&#44 wish it was tagless and an official DC comics product but still bright colors~4|Mireles^The shirt it’s fit perfect …. My boyfriend loved!!! Thanks~5|J. A. Marrero^I’m an Aquaman fan from the 70’s&#44 and this shirt reminds me of the cartoon series.~4|Walter^Fits perfectly and feels well made.~5|Stephhanie^A=~5|

  8. Amanda M.^Love it&#44 thanks!~5|diana^good quality.~5|Herman Anderson^After washing&#44 it shrank unevenly making the print uneven. Tossed it in the trash.~3|Jennifer Miller^The shirt is true to size. Great quality. It was the perfect gift from my kids to my dad. Thank you!~5|Hannah Branum^We bought this for my dad for Christmas from my son and he loved it. It fit perfect and the navy color is almost black. Perfect tshirt for a Christmas gift.~5|Yvonne valencia^Great shirt awesome fit~5|Amazon Customer^Great gift idea. You get what you pay for~4|amy^On time delivery and my father loves it. My daughter gave it to him as a Christmas gift~5|Erica Marko^Very happy with this shirt &#44 purchased as a gift and true to size like I was hoping !~5|Tori Smith^Received this item quickly and in perfect condition. Gave this as a gift and it fit perfectly.~5|

  9. Jaci^LOVE MY HAT~5|tyson^This hat is okay. I only bought it for a cosplay. It will work for it. It is a little small&#44 but not too bad. It kind of smells weird too after opening… like lawn care products. (that stuff you sprinkle on your lawn haa ha) but over all its not bad for the price. I bet it will feel better when its broken in more.~3|Karen Ensworth^I would recommend this cap to all my friends. The cap is exactly what I had wanted. The color is great&#44 too.~5|dmichelle^A VERY COOL HAT FOR A COOL MOM! THE COLOR IS BRIGHT JUST LIKE I EXPECTED. I ALREADY ORDERED 3 OTHER COLORS.~5|K. Sullivan^Used for Halloween costume. Perfect for that~3|Richard Christensen^Don’t know why some fit and others didn’t~3|MsTexaFornia^It was a gift for my grandson&#44 and it was well received.~4|Amazon Customer^nice~5|Pamela Stillings^I love this hat. I bought it for a cosplay I am working on (Luke from the Professor Layton games) and it works perfectly. Plus it’s kind of comfy.~5|Azana^it fitted well.~4|

  10. bridgett^Bought for my son – perfect he loves it.~5|jasonhathawy^The kid loves it. Colors are vibrant and has been holding up to serious preteen activities. Great shirt.~5|HNRYJ^It is amazing I get several compliments a day every time I wear it. I am going to buy more for family~5|Amazon Customer^The quality is good. The sleeves are a little shorter than many t shirts. The colors are beautiful.Overall it is a nice shirt and fun.~4|Serhii^It’s a garbage. Different color&#44 low quality print&#44 small size~3|Matthew^Awesome my son will love it~5|Brandon Y.^Fast shipping&#44 cool shirt.~5|

  11. Cc Navi^Detailing on shirt is a bit off centered. And it’s a little noticeable. Especially to someone like myself. The shirt had almost a blue tint too it? Idk. I’m not unhappy&#44 but I’m not happy. Thanks though.~3|Amazon Customer^Ordered a 2XL – fits like a large so didn’t fit – it was a gift & it’s very disappointing~3|Daniel Andrews^It looks great! It’s a Gildan t-shirt&#44 so it’s thin and comfortable for occasional wear. Just don’t sweat in it because it won’t absorb much. Bottom line cut out the tag and enjoy it after dark!~4|SP ON^nice shirt&#44 ordered a size larger and it little large&#44 but once though the dryer should work out perfect&#44 the grey is a little darker then the picture but nothing major~4|Jayde Hart^Great looking shirt! Met all of my expectations! I want more of these shirts in different colors! I absolutely suggest this shirt. I’ve washed it a few times and don’t see any fading and nothing is coming off. The design is solidly on there. You won’t be disappointed.~5|Annabelle^Soft fabric&#44 not to heavy yet not light enough that I have to layer. My favorite shirt to wear when I take the Wrangler out.~5|billy hawkins^love it&#44 wore it to take my wife out for her birthday dinner. I will prolly by a couple of more&#44 soon.~5|AmazonPowerShopper^This is way way too big even after washing it. It can’t Be worn!! It was a waste of money~3|billy gardner^Son loves it. I think I buy him too many shirts…. this is like my 5th shirt review tonight. Came quickly. Shirt is soft and as described.~5|Tired Pete^High quality t-shirt. Great color and the logo looks terrific. Fast shipping too!!!~5|

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  13. C. Miguez^I ordered several raglan shirts in sizes from 18-24 mo (American apparel) to XS Shaka & Soffe). This one (Soffe) is the largest: 1″ longer & wider overall&#44 BUT it’s head/neck hole is really small! The American apparal 18-24 mo & Shaka XS raglans have a head/neck hole of 4.5″. The Soffe XS’s is only 3″. It looks really strange.~3|Eric^I got this in an X-small after debating what size my son would wear&#44 and it fit perfect! He currently wears a size 6 so I think it was comparable to that size. It washed well and the quality was much better then I expected for such an inexpensive shirt.~5|Nanner^Very small and the white portion of the shirt is much thinner than I would have hoped. We were not able to use this shirt.~4|Amazon Customer^I ordered an xs. It was a size 6/7. For whatever reason I was expecting it to be more of a size 4/5~3|Ashley^Shirt fit ok but just seemed kind of thin.~3|Amazon Customer^This shirt will serve the purpose but the neck hole is SO small!! I purchased this for my 5 y/o and he is very little however&#44 it was a struggle to get his head through the hole. It seemed like a neck size of a baby!~3|R. M. K. D.^Very disappointed. Stiff&#44 cheap feeling fabric and the neck is so small it can’t even fit over a small child’s head. Never again. I would have put 0 stars but it made me put at least 1.~3|Sherri Yacuk^The shirt was nice&#44 but the head hole opening was super small-had to stretch it to get my daughter’s head through and she has a very average sixe head.~3|Jessica C.^So the shirt itself was a little large HOWEVER the neck hole was ridiculously small! It would not even fit around a dolls head. Luckily I had ordered a couple more shirts but their neck holes were rather “tight” as well.~4|Judith Rata^This shirt was awkward. Big all over except the collar was so small! My son could not get his head in. I had to snip along both sides!~3|

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  15. Vanessa Morse^I’m actually wearing it right now! Great shirt&#44 comfortable fabric. Has a vintage&#44 faded look to it (aside from the logo itself)&#44 and was the perfect piece for my halloween costume. I’m happy to have chosen something simple that I can obviously wear again. Living in the south&#44 all we drink is Coca-Cola…so&#44 I’m staying loyal to the brand and wearing it on a t-shirt!~5|Gigila^I bought this shirt for my husband for an easy Halloween costume. He was the coke to my Jack (Daniels). He said it was comfortable (and he is very picky about clothing material). The fit was true to size and the quality was very good. I would recommend.~5|Tom L^Way undersized&#44 cheap shirt too&#44 very thin and off center printing.~4|Amazon Customer^Always wanted a Coca-Cola shirt and this one fits perfectly and looks good on me…~5|A. Kirkham^Got a small for my girlfriend. It seems to be well made and she likes it.~4|LH777^Material is soft and comfortable. The shirt was true to size and did not shrink up when washed/dryed. The color did bleed slightly when I transferred it from the washer to the dryer. Make sure to be careful which clothing you wash it with.~4|Anthony Rettaliata^Love it looks great .~5|nicole underwood^Everything about this shirt was fine and met the expectations I had when I purchased it. The only issue I had was when I opened the package&#44 the shirt had an odor. It smelled like vinegar. I wasn’t happy about that.~3|Ralph Morales^No complaints. Nice and comfortable~5|Judi Prince^Great Shirt that fits as expected. Great material that is super comfortable as soon as you put it on! Highly recommend this shirt for all you Coke lovers out there!~5|

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  18. Andrew^Received 3 poorly stitched hats that were 100% polyester. Description states 70cotton/30nylon fabric. Lots of loose threads that I had to cut. If you get the bill wet I guarantee it will flop down and cover your whole face as it has no structural integrity. Tag only says “Style F-006 100% Polyester Made In China”Hats arrived without the following features as listed in description: No Hidden Zipper Pocket&#44 No Ciba UV Protective Coating or Dupont Water Resistant Coating&#44 No Metal Clip on Cord (all plastic) does have a mesh lining and sweat band however and does LOOK like the khaki hat pictured in the description.Only plus sides are it fit my head nicely and does offer sun protection.Still one star for false advertising and poor quality.~3|Syracuse Skier^I don’t sunburn easily&#44 however I still purchased this to use as a sun hat to protect from the harsh UV rays. It provides much more coverage to the face&#44 neck and ears than a baseball cap would. I use it while watching outdoor tennis matches all day confined to a stadium seat in the blistering sun. Being an \”outback safari\” style hat&#44 it’s not the most fashionable item to wear to a sporting event or actually anywhere other than hiking&#44 fishing&#44 or hunting. In my case&#44 function wins over fashion! I don’t get any strange looks or heckling from the other sports fans&#44 perhaps because they are just on the verge of heat exhaustion and jealous that they didn’t purchase one too!This hat has all the things I was looking for:* wide brim to protect the face* flap to protect the neck and ears* a string and clip to retain the hat in case it gets windy* sweatband to absorb head perspiration* zippered pocket in the flap for extra storage of small items (ID&#44 tickets&#44 money&#44 house key etc.)* collapses flat and is very travel friendly in the suitcaseThe flap is mounted on the side edge of the brim so it does allow wind to travel to the back of the neck keeping it cool. You will not need to protect your face&#44 neck&#44 or ears with additional sunscreen and you will not need to reapply the sunscreen every two hours!The hat design doesn’t show any wrinkles so it’s very low maintenance. I haven’t used this hat in the rain and haven’t worn it enough to see any signs of wear&#44 so I can’t speak to the durability.The only minor drawbacks that I could find with this hat are really design trade-offs where the designers made a good balanced choice:1) The flaps cause a very slight loss to peripheral vision. This is only a minor nit as if the flaps were mounted further back&#44 they wouldn’t provide as much sun protection.2) The bill is very flat and does not hold a shape. This is only a minor nit as if the bill did hold a shape&#44 the hat wouldn’t fold and pack as easily.This hat is a great value at less than $20 including shipping. There are similar style hats that cost more&#44 but they don’t provide any additional features and don’t look any better. There are similar style hats that cost less&#44 but they sacrifice on the features (i.e.&#44 don’t provide a built in sweatband or retaining clip). I would highly recommend this hat to anyone who spends a significant amount of time in the sun. I use this hat in conjunction with to provide sun protection for my arms.~4|JiggyBear^I admit that I hesitated before purchasing this hat&#44 as it seemed a little \”over the top\” as sunhats go&#44 but I’m so glad that I ordered two — one for my husband and one for myself!This replaces my husband’s flap hat with a baseball cap brim&#44 and is far superior in comfort&#44 sun protection&#44 moisture-wicking ability and ventilation&#44 and it helps him stay cool under the sun whether he is doing roof work&#44 exterior prep and painting&#44 gardening&#44 fishing or other outdoor activities.I wore mine for the first time yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by how well it fit and how comfortable it was. The sweatband is very soft and does not leave a mark. It is so much better than a straw sunhat&#44 and bees and wasps are not attracted to the khaki color at all. The ventilation was excellent and it kept me cool in the hot sun&#44 and the flap and wide brim allowed me to be out in the sun much longer. I even wore it when I went out to run errands&#44 and two people asked me where I got the cool hat. Two other people gave me a wide berth and anxious glances as I walked past them on the street (it’s the hat&#44 folks :D) and as an old white lady it made me giggle to know that I was no longer \”invisible\” to them! Too funny. I definitely would not wear it to the courthouse&#44 bank or church&#44 though. Maybe the Social Security office. :DSeriously&#44 though&#44 we live in a windy coastal town&#44 and I appreciate the cord and clip&#44 as does my husband. Losing a sunhat while boating or fishing can have consequences of the sunburn kind.Hands down&#44 this hat is my all time favorite. Over more than half a century I have purchased and received many hats… they seem to wander in and out of my life like cats and humans tend to do&#44 but this one is definitely a keeper. So if you are looking for a great sunhat&#44 don’t hesitate! This is The One!Update on 08-03-2011: As stated in the description&#44 the hat is labeled 100% polyester (not nylon&#44 as one reviewer believed)&#44 and therefore should not be sprayed with certain mosquito repellents&#44 such as \”OFF\” brand products. (According to the label&#44 OFF will not damage cotton&#44 wool or nylon; it should not be sprayed on synthetics other than nylon.) However&#44 because the hat brim is stiff and wide&#44 I believe it would be easy to add mosquito netting if desired.~5|Tino^I like it. Not very stylish&#44 but it sufficiently shielded my face/neck from the sun. Works well.Someone asked if it’s mesh-lined inside. I’m attaching a photo of the hat&#44 inside-out.~5|Ray^As others have said&#44 the brim on this hat is very floppy and does not hold its shape well and this hasnt even been used yet. I predict after washing&#44 it will be useless. It has one draw cord on the back that cinches up the headband portion and another draw cord that does absolutely nothing. It comes out of the back of the flap and has a drawcord on it&#44 but it doesnt do any thing except move the drawcord up and down the length of the cheap yarn like cord. The width of the neck flap is also not nearly as wide as the nicer hats for mor money. It also came with a bronze clip loose in the bag that I have absolutely no idea what it is supposed to do. There are no instructions so I’m notreally sure what this is for. It’s not a terrible hat to keep as an extra on the boat&#44 but I surely wouldnt want it as my primary source of protection for fishing in the summer time. I bought two of these cheaper ones for I think around 8 bucks and some change and one for more money (Tuga brand $17.00) for my lovely wife. The more expensive Tuga brand was far superior in every way. It was also made of better materials&#44 heavier materials&#44 had better coverage from the sun&#44 and had features that were far more usable&#44 and it looked better. The cheaper hats will serve as decent extras or for guests or the kids that have smaller heads but I will be spending more money and buying one of the better hats for myself. We fish a lot and I have had some pretty terrible sunburns over the years so it is starting to take a toll on my neck and face. This hat is not terrible for the cheap price but you can get so much more of a nicer hat for about double the money which is still pretty darn cheap. Isn’t your skin worth that???~3|yl16^Received my order pretty quick. I ordered beige color Tropic Hats Men/Women Wide Brim Summer Hat with Neck Flap (One Size) and 4 Panel Large Bill Flap Hat W15S48B (One Size Fits Most/Khaki) from Loyal Cloth. I received two Tropic Hats Men/Women Wide Brim Summer Hat &#44 one beige color and one khaki color. They are same brand&#44 both 100% Polyester on the label. But beige color is little bigger than khaki color. Not sure why seller referenced two different name and sold khaki color more expensive. Or I received the wrong order ? If I knew they are the same&#44 I would order two beige color and would give 4 or 5 stars. Beige color looks better in summer. They both work well&#44 cover ear and neck. The fabric breathes well in summer.~3|Douglas Duckett^I purchased back in August&#44 so I have had some time with this before I wrote the review. This is a VERY inexpensive hat (ACE sells it for over $20.00)&#44 but do not let that deter you. I live in SW Florida and the heat and sun here can be torturous and I wear this hat frequently; I have a bald head. So far this hat has withstood the elements fairly well. It breaths OK and dries quickly when it gets wet. The lightweight material is easily folded and can be stored in tight spaces when not in use. I have worn this in windy conditions&#44 and have not lost it yet; the draw string works. The brim is wider than most and the flap covers the ears and neck well. The ONLY drawback is the metal pieces used for the vents and drawstring insert do not hold up to the saltwater environment. They have discolored and even put rust stains on the material. But at the selling price&#44 I am not complaining and still give this a 5 star rating (I am not wearing it to a formal dinner). I am buy several more of these&#44 one for the wife&#44 one back up&#44 and one for the formal dinner.~5|Patricia^Absolutely love it. Breathable and comfortable.~5|Pericombobulation53^I was a little concerned that this hat would be hot&#44 but the material is lightweight nylon and it doesn’t retain much heat&#44 which is a good thing. The only reason I’m knocking off a star is because the hat is a little too small on me. Yes&#44 I have a big head&#44 but it’s not freakishly big! There’s an elastic patch in the back of the hat which is supposed to allow it to accommodate different head sizes. And it does&#44 unless your head is big. Mine fits&#44 but barely. I have to turn down the sweatband because even the little extra volume of the sweatband folded up into the hat itself makes it a tiny bit larger and thus uncomfortable for me. If they would have made this just a smidge larger I’d be perfectly happy. As it is&#44 I still like it and I can cope. I’m hoping the material will stretch a little in the coming weeks.~4|David K.^UPDATE!The last time I went on a hike it hurt my head.The inside of the hat was rubbing on my head so much that I felt I was going to get a rash. I took it off and went on the rest of the hike without it.I won’t be taking it on my trips anymore.Previous Review:I still take this on all of my hikes and outdoor trips.I work for an outdoor retailer so I know that these hats with capes can get quite expensive&#44 which is why I bought this one.The quality isn’t the same of course. The stitching on the hat in the inside is kind of weird. There is loose fabric in the inside and the coord that comes out of the back of the hat isn’t much use at all&#44 but the hat does it’s job.I’ll post pictures if anyone requests it.I still gave it a 5 star because the weird fabric thing is in the inside and other than that everything looks great.~4|

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