Twitter Forms A “Trust & Safety Council” To Balance Abuse Vs Free Speech

twitter rainbow Twitter’s latest step in the tricky balancing act of championing free speech without also handing a free pass to orchestrated harassment via its platform is the announcement today that it’s formed a “Trust & Safety Council” comprised of multiple external organizations with various interests in the two issues. The company said today that the Twitter Trust &… Read More
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  7. Vincent Biever^I was somewhat disappointed in this product for a few reasons. First off&#44 the communication between the shipping company&#44 the provider and myself was quite confusing. It ended up in me paying for another t shirt because I thought I wouldn’t get mine in time from this provider. However&#44 with that being said&#44 I was suprised at the speed of shipping while coming from overseas. Also tho&#44 the shirt (at least the one I received) had a darker or color and a faded logo&#44 unlike what is pictured. It was a little small as well. Regardless&#44 it is still a shirt that I wear and I still enjoy it. I might not be quick to recommend this especially since you can spend 2 more dollars and get more certainty and better service.~3|Mike P^Great t shirt! Takes a little longer to get to you because it comes from oversees but is worth the wait. The shirt is really nicely made&#44 with a gray lining around the collar providing more comfort and sweat protection. Cool design and a really true orange color. A great t shirt!~5|Joshuas amzon kustomer^It’s an okay shirt …the kneck size is different….the logo is a little off …it was not printed in the middle of shirt….but I could wear it for Halloween…~4|Amazon Customer^The shirt was a gift for the holiday&#44 the shirt arrived with some sort of stain on the upper back near the neck line of the shirt &#44 had to wash it to get the stain somewhat out. Still feel it was a good deal for the money. Just make sure you look it over and by it in advance just in case you have a problem too~3|Emma Keys^The shirt is good quality but the symbol is flaking off after only 1 wash in cold water and air dry. Disappointed as I am an Aquaman fan~4|Amazon Customer^Great product great price&#44 fits well&#44 wish it was tagless and an official DC comics product but still bright colors~4|Mireles^The shirt it’s fit perfect …. My boyfriend loved!!! Thanks~5|J. A. Marrero^I’m an Aquaman fan from the 70’s&#44 and this shirt reminds me of the cartoon series.~4|Walter^Fits perfectly and feels well made.~5|Stephhanie^A=~5|

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