The Strategy We Used To Rank #1 for “Unhealthiest Foods"

Today you are going to learn the exact formula we used to rank #1 for the keyword “unhealthiest foods” and #4 in the same search.

They have been there for over a year and are stuck in the top 5.

This is a white hat method with some grey hat mixed at the beginning since we “built some links”.

What You Will Learn

  • How we ranked #1 for “unhealthiest foods” for years
  • How to blend white hat content marketing with grey hat SEO for huge results
  • The exact strategy we used

The Strategy

We were approached by an online content distributor who wanted help with SEO. My company, Grey Umbrella Marketing’s (now Visiture) process back in 2014 was to pick target keywords, create content and then rank for them.

We didn’t use any black hat strategy, but we did build links via relevant web 2.0 sites and we were very good at it.

This is how we did it step by step.

Step #1 – Keyword Selection

First we selected keyword phrases to go after. Here is what we chose-

Keyword Search Volume CPC
what happens when you quit smoking 5400 5.27
health benefits of honey 5400 1.57
how to increase libido 2900 2.62
honey health benefits 2400 0.21
how to communicate effectively 2400 2.4
coffee nutrition facts 1900 1.41
how to increase s** drive 1600 3.05
natural s** 1300 0.06
increase s** drive 1300 1.83
should i shave my head 1000 4.34
negative self talk 880 0.01
how to have good posture 880 0
shaving your head 880 2.35
college booty 880 0.04
how to increase libido in men 880 1.33
what happens when you stop smoking 720 5.43
foot massage techniques 720 0.11
how to increase your s** drive 720 1.69
what happens to your body when you quit smoking 720 5.81
how to increase your libido 590 1.42
how to have better posture 590 0
what happens after you quit smoking 590 3.26
different types of tea 590 3.68
benefits of smiling 480 0
how to declutter your house 480 1.73
how to prevent bronchitis 480 1.57
famous presidential speeches 390 0
how to boost libido 390 1
healthy frozen pizza 390 4.22
how to get good posture 390 0.74

Overall, 38,000 people a month searched for these phrases. If we could secure the top 1-3 positions, we would be able to achieve a lot of targeted keyword traffic.

We picked these phrases based on the relevance to the website and competition. The lesser the competition, the better the keyword to go after. I always recommend using Adwords keyword tool to do keyword research.


So once we had this list of keywords, we needed to create an article that targeted each one.

Step #2 – Content Creation

We used Buzzsumo to do all of our content research for each keyword.

BuzzSumo makes it really easy to see what is popular and we entered each keyword into the tool and then picked an article to replicate or “make better.”

This is what it looked like-


Once we knew roughly what we wanted to write for each one, a content team wrote the articles for us and published them on the site.

The content team did a great job with a significant amount of research in producing “bad-a**” pieces of content that really blew you away.

Here are all of the articles we created-

Keywords Article
what is personal development
personal growth and development http://
a diet to lose weight http://
medication for sleep http://
what is a heart healthy diet http://
best workouts to gain muscle http://
ways to lose weight in 2 weeks http://
foods you should buy organic http://
healthy high protein breakfast http://
healthy takeout options http://
health benefits of honey http://
worlds healthiest foods http://
healthiest food at mcdonalds http://
what happens when you quit smoking http://
unhealthiest foods http://
coffee nutrition facts http://
top ten healthiest foods http://

We then went in and optimized them for their target keyword.

This was really pretty simple, we just made sure the article was fully optimised for the target keyword using the SEO by Yoast plugin.

Each of the articles was written with a great deal of research and depth. You cannot create subpar content. It has to be the best on the top three search results – this is very important.

A good rule of thumb is to write the content, then look at the content on the top three results. Is your content better? Is it more in-depth or more informative?

If not, keep making it better.


Once we had all of the articles optimised and published, it was time to do the real work!

Step #3 – Building Links

We built some web 2.0 property links to the individual blog posts first. Each one was basically a private blog network which had an article that we could link to each of the blog posts.

They were all created with relevant unique content and I suppose this is what would be considered a grey hat strategy.

Here is a sample link that is still alive:


We used a service called POSI rank back then to create the web 2.0 properties along with some guest posts. We had them pointed directly to the articles and sure enough we popped into the first page for lots of terms.

Important Note

Since we executed this strategy we have updated it. Instead of creating web 2.0 sites now we just create 10 relevant high quality unique articles and perform guest post outreach to other sites to get them published with a link back to your target blog post.

Just make sure that you do not use the same anchor text as the keyword you are trying to rank for!

You should only need a handful of them and then promote the links and the post on your social channels. You can also use other successful pieces of content on your site to interlink to that particular guide.

Once we hit the first page with our posts, over time natural white hat links started appearing–


Because the page was now easy to find on the first page, the natural links just kept on coming!


Then a crazy thing happened.

It exploded on social media.


We found that once someone had shared it, it got shared again and again until eventually a famous celebrity shared it and, sure enough, thousands shared it behind him.


After this, it exploded to the 2nd positon in Google and after one and a half years, it remains #1 (and now has the Schema markup) and the #4 position as well.


Then over the next year, it continued to be shared and now has 70 white hat acquired backlinks.

This page brought hundreds of thousands of views and tons of social signals and also attracted 151 real comments.


I hope you understand that you can use link building to get a white hat campaign started, but at the end of the day – the content has to keep you there.

If the engagement metrics for your content are poor then Google will drop you from the first page entirely!

Lessons Learned

  • Social media has a huge impact on rankings & Google will always keep quality content at the top of search results.
  • One good retweet or share can make a huge impact. Promoting to the right people can make the biggest difference.
  • Acquiring White hat backlinks is often a “the rich get richer” scenario because the people who already rank high attract lots new links naturally with no effort.
  • Spending time & money to create quality engaging content is worth every penny

Wrapping It Up

What I want you to take away from this article is that no matter how much research you do, you will never really know what is going to work until you try it.

Don’t be scared to come up with a small list of keywords and create the very best content on the web for each of them.

With a few backlinks and social signals you will be surprised at what sticks!

But don’t forget – links will get you to the first page but engagement with your content will keep you there.

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  13. soyrobo^Now the true darkness of my soul can be expressed through a visual representation emblazoned upon my chest. At last&#44 when I sip from my goblet of red wine&#44 surrounded by dead flowers&#44 weighted by existential dread&#44 I can know that I look exactly on the outside as I feel inside… undead.The bats have left the belltower.~5|Margaret M.H.^I received this shirt on time and was pleasantly surprised that it fit perfectly. Seems so many times I order too large. The fabric is great. No scratchiness that comes with subpar quality and the screen print is clean and professionally done. I’m very pleased with this shirt overall and will wear it for many years to come.~5|Brian Phillips^Not the Same as listed. Front design is faded and there is no print on back. Took longer to arrive than expected as well. Poor Quality.~3|MM^I had the same experience as another reviewer–the design is different than advertised. The front is faded and there is no lettering on the back. A waste of money.~3|colby stein^Love it&#44 nice soft quality shirt! Athletic fit rather than classic&#44 order up if you aren’t.~5|Larry . S .Garcia^This was the lowest quality shirt they could have possibly made . The print and fabric are weird are horrible ! It’s some kind of shiny weird polyester. I can’t believe I wasted money on this !~3|Pedro Alvarado^It’s great&#44 very soft fabric and print is placed proportionately. The shirt is just a hair longer than what I like but it fits great.~5|Yoko Mono^Fits perfect…great quality!~5|David Hoddle^love this shirt. print is good&#44 fit is comfortable.~5|Danger Kallisti^I like it&#44 and I’m wearing it now.~5|

  14. Bookaholic^Very disappointed. One of the worst shorts I’ve ever seen. It is fuzzy looking. Shirt is cheap&#44 thin&#44 and rough. You can see through it due to the thin material. It even says Professional Dry Clean Recommended?? What? Would have been better to buy a black undershirt and iron on an image. Spent same amount at FYE for a similar Slytherin shirt that was a lot nicer. It is not a slim fit&#44 just a cheap material. The arms look like a youth large with a mens medium torso. Took 3 weeks to get here for Christmas&#44 which it did but I wouldn’t give this. Going to try to return as the description was not accurate at all.~3|Loki^For what I paid for this product&#44 I certainly didn’t get what I expected. I usually wear a medium size (and sometimes small&#44 depending on the brand)&#44 and ordered a large but it fits like a small. In addition to that the fabric is extremely thin and I’m afraid to break the seams. Considering the other reviews&#44 I wonder if there’s multiple manufacturers of this who use different size guides.Other than that it looks great&#44 I just wish the fit was better (and more accurately represented; if it’s a slim fit&#44 put it in the description!).~4|Joyeux1981^This is NOT an officially licensed product&#44 nor does it look like the photo. It is a cheap&#44 blurry reprint on a generic (nylon?) t-shirt. I don’t know what the shirt is made of because there is no tag. It looks like a cheap imitation of the advertised product. I took some close-up photos so you can see the resolution of the material of the shirt versus the print quality. It looks like the photo is blurred&#44 but that is just the print.I WOULD NOT BUY AGAIN&#44 and would return it if it were not more than the cost of the shirt to ship it back to China.~3|Alex^This shirt is not only stylish for any fellow Slytherin&#44 but the fit is exactly as expected. I ordered this a size larger than I actually wear since I prefer baggier shirts&#44 and I must say that the fit was perfect for my taste. The fabric feels very nice on the skin and is very durable. A problem I see in most graphic tees is that the stability of the fabric is flimsy and often rips&#44 but that is far from the case with this shirt! It has been a year since I’ve purchased this product&#44 and I’ve worn it so many times without the print coming off or cracking and without any rips&#44 holes&#44 or tears. This is a must buy for any potter-head&#44 especially for fellow Slytherins.~5|Cristom Payagen^A lot of people are giving negative reviews because it’s smaller than expected; however&#44 know that these are slim fit t-shirts! Depending on your build&#44 you may or may not want to get a size larger. If you’ve got extra body fat in your stomach/chest area&#44 I recommend getting 1 size bigger if you wear a S/M shirt&#44 or 2 sizes bigger if you wear a L/XL. If you have a more athletic build and don’t find yourself tugging at make your shirt baggier to cover your man boobs&#44 go with the size you normally wear~5|BluesReviews^WAY TO SMALL. I were a medium and some t-shirts a large&#44 so I went large on this one………the shirt is tiny. It is cheaply made&#44 but the size is the biggest issue. I mean it isn’t even close to a large. Very disappointed and have requested a refund.~4|Anthony Orozco^The image on the shirt is TERRIBLE. Can’t even distinguish what it is. Don’t buy this&#44 looks nothing like how it looks in thee pictures&#44 the actual image is heavily pixelated~3|Roan^The T-shirt was great.I am not a man but female and the shirt fit perfectly fine. I’m 5’0 and got a Medium. I washed the shirt and then it shrinked a bit but it still fits fine. I didn’t experience any of those things that some other people experience like it wasn’t the right color or anything it was just great&#44 hope this helped~4|Laura Manning^Do not order! The sizing is too small & they are made of possibly polyester. Not sure because there is no identifying tags inside garments. Also picture is very bad. Tried to return but they want me to pay the return shipping or if I keep the item that doesn’t fit & looks like crap&#44 they will refund me $2.00.Would give it no stars.~3|K. Parks^Exactly what I was expecting. Fits well&#44 nice color&#44 I’m very satisfied.~5|

  15. Dan^I’m giving this a good review because it’s a well-made product&#44 but personally&#44 I don’t like it very much. I wear 34-36 inch pants&#44 and these are a little tight. The legs are too long (ends right above the knee) and subsequently&#44 the leg opening is too tight if I try to pull them up my leg a little. And the white stitching is ugly.The fabric is very comfortable and the chamois seems to work well.~4|Gil^Ordered the US large (XL) I’m 6’2″ 185 thin built 35 inseam.First impression it felt tight&#44 legs were long enough for a tall man about an inch and a half above the knees&#44 waist felt good. On the bike once I’m riding&#44 I don’t even think about them&#44 legs don’t ride up&#44 padding is good right were it has to be and another plus&#44 good support for your manhood components.Only used them on 3 rides and so far so good…… after wearing them for a few months and a few hundred miles… love them!~4|Mark I^these are great shorts&#44 but run smaller than expected as mentioned by many others and in the description. I exchanged mine&#44 which worked great&#44 just took a little longer than expected to arrive (from China). The shorts are well made&#44 easy to maintain&#44 and when I received the larger size&#44 have been very pleased with them. Would highly recommend!~5|virtualmert^I don’t have much to judge these against since they are my first pair&#44 but I love them! I used to say “I’ll never be one of those guys in spandex” but that’s changed as I’ve gotten more involved with biking. I’ve done two rides with them so far&#44 one was 35 miles&#44 my longest ride yet. They seem like good quality shorts&#44 the stitching seems sound and the padding adequate. The edge on the inside of the legs keeps them from riding up throughout long distances. I followed other reviewers advice and ordered a size up. I’m 5’11 and 225 pounds and the 2X fits perfect. At my friends LBS the shorts are so expensive so I figured I’d try these first. I’m sure if you are riding the Tour De France you might want some kind of crazy gel pads or something but for an advanced beginner like me these are great.~5|Amazon Customer^For the price they can’t be beaten. I love the pads in the shorts. I haven’t taken them on anything longer than 16 miles but for my hour rides or 15 miles they have been extremely comfortable. Night and day if you’ve never worn cycling shorts. You don’t end up sore after a ride~5|Pheelbert^Good Product at a very reasonable price. Will probably buy more shorts in different colors. I ordered the XXL as it indicated that this would reasonable be the USA equivalent of XL and it seems accurate.~4|Joel S^Oh&#44 these are SO comfortable! The padding is phenomenal; I can ride for hours and I wouldn’t know I’m sitting on a bike seat.~5|J. Whitten^Like the cycle shorts. Please be aware of the sizing chart when ordering.~5|Jeffery L. Davis^Comfortable but the your package area is too big even for a large person in a medium size.~3|J. Parnell^Great shorts&#44 I ordered 3XL and they fit&#44 I usually order XL. Get a bigger size.~5|

  16. Planet West^My son loves it&#44 he is on the USS California Sub&#44 so it was perfect. He said it’s his most favorite shirt he’s ever had. From my perspective&#44 a lover of Supima Cotton&#44 I would describe it as similar to a “Beefy T”&#44 the fabric is on the thick side&#44 somewhat stiff&#44 as you would expect a black tee shirt to be. I washed it for him before I sent it&#44 and it came out great. It is not a thin tee-shirt&#44 it is on the stiff&#44 thick&#44 cottony side. It is not scratchy&#44 but it’s not silky smooth. It’s a normal tee-shirt like you would buy at a Science museum or something&#44 100% cotton&#44 the logo is very nice.~5|Markell^got to me in philadelphia earlier then expected&#44 and I even got a little thank you sticky in it.~5|Abner^This item fit perfect. One of my favorite shirts&#44 fitted in my opinion. Good quality. Not the best but i give it 4 stars just because I received better quality shirts for the same price. But overall great item. Will be purchasing more like it. Only you can prevent forest fires lol. Sike I guess nobody heard of global warming lol~5|Mermaid in the Mountains^My husband loves this tee shirt! The print on the tee is very vivid and the colors are great. The quality of this tee is top notch too. No fraying or loose strings. We ordered an XXL and it fits true to size. Will fit all your muscles!~5|nick^My new favorite shirt&#44 made perfectly looks just like the picture. The company even sent a piece of paper saying “thank you for your purchase enjoy! :)” the fact that they took the time to say that on paper and put it in the mail is awesome. Shows how much they appreciate and how much work they put into it!~5|RC^$13 for a low quality shirt.AAA&#44 the brand of shift was popular back in 2005-2008&#44 but for this generation’s style it’s definitely a no. The shirts (plain) run for 3 for 10 in the stores.Anyways&#44 the graphic is fine but how the sleeves are (long & wide) compared to the actual shirt (runs short) it looks retarded to wear with a decent outfit.It’s a good sleeping shirt I guess.~4|Denise J Holder^My son loves this t along with the other 3 I purchased for him. The Amazon save for later lists come in very handy if you want to ensure that the gift you purchased is something the individual actually would like to have.~5|Ronette^I bought this for my son and he usually wears a medium to a large so I bought a large and it fits like a medium. The quality of the shirt is not the best&#44 I ‘m nervous if I dry it the design might come off or the shirt may shrink so I hang dry it. Also the design looks like it is ironed onto. My son doesn’t have a likes it so I’m giving it 2 stars but I wouldn’t suggest anyone buying it. It’s not worth the money.~4|krysten^The print is so big and vibrant. My brother wears it almost every day. It didn’t shrink and it’s true to American size.~5|Tim P^I like this shirt and I plan to order another one this week. The shirt fits true to size and the sleeves are not really tight like many slim fit shirts. I am 6’ and 185 and the large is good fit for me. The logo seems to be a screen print and not a cheap iron on transfer so this shirt should last for some time. I have read washing is tricky but I haven’t noticed any fading yet so I will continue to watch this. Overall quality is good and the material is thicker than I would say a regular shirt normally is.Shirt is still holding up nicely after 7 months. Great product~5|berserktravis^Cool Shirt. Still looks good after 1+ year~5|Jared C.^While this arrived quickly and fit as expected&#44 the tag inside had clearly been ripped off of the shirt. This makes me wonder who else had handled this shirt and why.~3|Eric Montoya^some of the bat ear started to peel after the first wash. the rest of the design is still there though.~3|AmazonBuyer^Awesome! Fits as expected~4|Joe^Plans to buy a second one.~5|Amazon Customer^The collar was a bit strange like I didn’t like the quality of it. And the t-shirt’s a bit too long. I guess I’m short (5.5) that’s why.~3|BaoWoW008^Great overall print and quality and perfect for the Batman fan~5|Brian F^Logo is slightly off center~3|Amazon Customer^Cool shirt. A little different than the standard black and yellow. More subtle&#44 which is why I like it. Good quality.~5|

  17. Joe Iele^This tank top exceeded my expectations! The quality of the material is so soft and durable. It is not see through whatsoever and the quality of the decal on the shirt is perfect! I highly recommended this shop! Super fast shipping and super quality. I will definitely be ordering from them again!~5|Ally^Perfect for my day at the Wizarding world of Harry Potter. The fabric is thin tho and it has no hem&#44 so it tends to roll up on the bottom. The arm holes are too large/wide and not cute on my side boob fat. Good for workouts but probably not to actually wear about town~3|FaithO^I like this and it’s a more subtle nod to my Harry Potter obsession. I don’t like to plaster “Harry Potter” all over my clothes. I was hoping for a slightly more durable fabric and a better cut. I didn’t find it very flattering and it runs just a bit small but I like my shirts flowy. I usually order an xl and have a good amount of room&#44 this was pretty tight. The print on the shirt made up for its short comings.~4|Stephanie^Bought this for my trip to universal studios. Just what I wanted.~5|Rachel P^I originally ordered a medium and had to exchange it for a small. The small fit much better and the exchange process took a longer than expected but I’m happy overall.~4|CP84^The material was fine. It was big on me.~4|Amazon Customer^I got this shirt as a Christmas gift for a friend. It met my expectations. Super cute&#44 very light/thin. It would make a good shirt for the summer&#44 working out or sleeping in.~4|Lauren Saldana^Looks cute and is soft but the threads are already pulling apart and I just opened the package.~3|my brain.^My new fave flowy tank. I’m 5’8″ 125lbs and wanted a big larger tank to wear with leggings and a long sweater and a medium was a great choice.~5|Amazon Customer^It’s like falling apart already and I wore it once~4|

  18. MDT00^Ordered for Halloween (female) – great shirt – nice THICK quality material and washes well – not much shrinkage at all. Lots of compliments. Theses are square-cut t-shirts&#44 not the slim-waist kind for men&#44 if that helps guys at all. Great with leggings if you’re a female!~5|Amazon Customer^Love the design of the shirt however after about 15 washings the design has started to come off quite significantly. I always wash my black shirts in cold water and dry at low temps so I’m at a loss as to why the skull design is wearing off so quickly. Still giving 4 stars cause I love the shirt.~4|TJB 23^Really nice shirt just what I was looking for.~4|Nathan M.^The logo is not in the center and shipped directly from China. I guess it’s okay. I got what I paid for.~4|Christina D Nikkel^Love it~5|Aurelio V.^excellent~5|Kenna Lewis^Cool shirt. Size ran pretty small for XXL.~3|??Deanna ??^A little large but he likes it~4|D. Dunn^Skull seems to be a bit bigger than in the picture but cool nonetheless~5|Amazon Customer^Well made and fit great.~5|

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  20. Emerald Frog^The logo is supposed to look distressed&#44 but it really just looks poorly made rather than vintage-y. I was going to give it as a gift&#44 but it looks like a cheap knock-off. I gave it 2 stars because the shirt quality is nice&#44 but I would absolutely not recommend this shirt to a friend. I’m disappointed.~4|Chris Meadows^T-shirt is to small and not the color in the picture. Delivery was super slow as the product was manufactured after the order an sent from China. Quality seems average with the t-shirt slightly on the thin side. Size is off by 1 1/2 to 2 sizes.~4|Vanessa Mcconnaughy^As seller states “Each shirt is professionally printed right here in the USA&#44 in Detroit&#44 MI using high grade water based ink and state of the art commercial grade apparel printers” This is completely FALSE! The bag mine arrived in was marked from Norway but had a label on it that read “Made in China”Everything about this seller is false!!!!~3|Juli Driskill^The fastest delivery I have ever seen and items were exactly as described!~5|tbm^The shirt I recieved came from China. It is not made of cotton&#44 it’s made from nylon or some other synthetic material. I ordered a large but I got something closer to a small.Avoid this seller as this is not a quality product&#44 this shirt is complete garbage. I’m super disappointed with my purchase.~3|Randall^Great material and color. Washes well. Fits larger than expected and is longer than expected.~4|cindy calvert^for my 44 year old brother and we grew up with atari. he loved loved loved it!~5|Heather Laws^Great fit and color. The faux distressing of the letters was just right.~5|Sid Kali^Awesome T-Shirt!~5|Amazon Customer^Love my shirt people love it allso..~5|

  21. Old^The hat is excellent. Quality is good&#44 rich color and very good stitching. Arrived in a good container so that the hat wasn’t misshaped or crushed.The only drawback was the price&#44 basically with the shipping it was more than I really wanted to spend&#44 but in the end I am glad I purchased it.Edit: Forgot one thing&#44 it says it’s a BLUE Air Force cap&#44 wrong&#44 it’s 100% BLACK with the Black patch on the front with the lettering.Looks good but it is Black&#44 not Blue. One star off for the color.~4|Kendal^Very nice hat but yes&#44 it’s black&#44 not blue. I’ll still wear it proudly!~4|Robert Wilson^Happy with the hat and will order again when this one wears out. Thank you. Robert Wilson (Helen)~5|Fritz^Product performs as advertised and the quality/workmanship are excellent.~5|David Wickwire^I LOVE THIS HAT.~5|Bo^My wife likes it better than my other hats.~5|P. J. Lebiedz^Exactly what I wanted&#44 Thanks.~5|Ferdinand Lachance^Beautiful hat&#44 fits well and very fast delivery~5|Bill^Very happy with my purchase. Would buy again.~5|Mikeee^Nice hat~4|

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  23. bgar^Good quality. Bought it for someone else and he was happy with it~5|Amazon Customer^Great hat!~5|BUDDYBOY51^nice hat~4|sgtmpc^none~5|J. Freeman^nice cap~5|W. MacQuoid^A Cap&#44 not everyone has. Love it.Update Review:After a couple of years wearing almost everyday&#44 it is time to make this my work around the house hat. Have ordered a brand new one because I love it so. If you were an MP&#44 you should wear this in honor of your service. Gets a lot of “Thank You For Your Service” comments.~5|Roberto T Amaral^Great quality very well made no problem with any of the sewing. lettering on the front is incredible very bold.~5|Mark Hammond^Nice&#44 quality cap. I saw this design at a reunion&#44 and I wanted it. Now&#44 I am pleased to have it.~5|ThegreatAO^The embroidering is spot on but the size not so much. This hat is a bucket hat. If you fit in Large hats&#44 this may be for you.~3|Amazon Customer^Great product~5|

  24. Kristina Aquino^FAKE Diamond Supply. I’m returning it. had a weird strong smell too. Original Diamond Supply Shirt has the tag on the bottom left of the shirt. Tshirt quality is very thin. Its is obviously not original.~3|Amazon Customer^It is not an original Diamond Supply Co. Shirt&#44 poor quality&#44 very thin fabric~3|Matthew Conia^Garbage and had a funny smell&#44 ordered large&#44 tag says large&#44 but definitely a snugby shirt&#44 I would save and buy the real thing. Warning!!!!!!!~3|Amazon Customer^I dont even want to rate it 1 star. Its fake as hell. It looks like i got it printed at a cheap fair booth.~3|Amazon Customer^Shirt was a knock off way too small not a extra large terrible~3|Tim Johnson^Fake shirt not authentic. Horrible.~3|noideagary^I should have guessed for the price. Not what I expected. It’s going back. Full refund~3|cdubyu^the fakest shirt i have ever purchased. They even spelled diamond wrong on the tag on the lower left hand part of the shirt. Save your money and buy something else. The material is that of a work out shirt almost and there are loose threads all over the place. Obviously a fake Chinese rip-off.~3|Perps^Completely fake&#44 the diamond was off-center and thin. And everything was faded. Plus&#44 it was a gildan shirt.~3|Amazon Customer^Too small and package was 2 weeks late~3|

  25. Amazon Customer^Love the shirt. Fabric is almost see through&#44 but comfortable. Not sure of their sizing. XXL fits like a large in the shoulders&#44 but long enough to be worn as a dress.~3|melody^Shirt fit a little small but it could be my husband’s shape. I’ll probably not dry after washing.~5|

  26. Dave^The photo is about half the size of your hand&#44 and you can barely see it&#44 it’s so dark. I’d check other sellers for this shirt.~3|Moon418^I bought this as a gift for Christmas for my teenaged son&#44 who is incredibly hard to buy for. It was a hit! He loved it&#44 as well the other kids in the family!~5|Rashelle Brianne^Bought this for a buddy who’s a painter – He was a little too excited to receive it&#44 haha. A very funny shirt and he definitely LOVED it!~5|igroomdogs^Everybody loves this shirt!~5|Christina Abdypoor^got this for my little brother and he loved it. He is thin but really tall and I got him a large for the length and it fit him great.~5|joshua c.^NOT AS PICTURED&#44 NOT OFFICIAL BOB ROSS. Bought for a ross lover. very disappointed.~3|

  27. Chris^Thought it would be dryfit material for some reason. Seems undersized on the sizing chart.~3|anonymous^shirt doesn’t have much stretch&#44 but the neck is too big. I wanted it to fit close to my neck for comfort and decrease sun exposure. the end of the sleeves need to fit tighter. It was a good price&#44 but I would spend more next time for a wrinkle free fabric~3|Amazon Customer^Shirt fits perfect…i wear a 2XL and have a small potbelly which shirt hides well&#44 also i love the material which is a wicking fabric and did its job fantastically out on the charter boat i was on….big thumbs up for this long sleeve shirt.~5|S. Anderson^Like it but it runs a little small particularly in arm length …. barely covers my wrists! I’m a 44L in sport coat. Some threading unraveling upon arrival so could be better build quality. Cool shirt though.~4|Amazon Customer^Quality OK&#44 but Large ran almost the size of Medium.~4|Amazon Customer^Very happy with the shirt and the service. Thanks~5|Brian Tucker^Love it~5|yakrebma^Great quality&#44 my boyfriend loves it!~4|Amazon Customer^Its really nice good material i love it~5|Edward^Great and light weight~5|

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