New Year’s Content Ideas for Seven Different Industries


The new year is a great time to gain visibility by leveraging the quiet month of January and the nationwide zeitgeist of a fresh start. Making your content new-year-focused lets clients know you understand their interests throughout the year. Even if your business isn’t listed here, going through these New Year’s content ideas will help you understand how to tailor your products and services to common events. 

Counseling/Psychology: A New Year is the perfect time to discuss fresh ways to nail down positive goals. Conversely, you can also have a top-ten list of the most common self-defeating behaviors to avoid in the 2016. Of all professionals, therapists understand most how healing the fresh start can be. Keep your counseling/psychology content to common events to reach new clients.

Salon Industry: A New Year’s blog is the perfect opportunity to showcase the latest hair trends for 2016. Whether it’s a more-trimmed-and-polished version of the beard trend for men, or a softer-layered version of the long hair trend for women, the cutting-edge hairstyle forecasts will provide fun-yet-informative read for your clients.

Veterinary Clinics: The New Year is a great time to showcase anything new for pets! Whether it’s new medical procedures for pets’ health, brand new dog or cat food brands to be on the lookout for, or the top 10 latest pet toys to consider for purchase, a new year means a new beginning for a pet’s comfort and enjoyment too.

RV/Travel/Camping: The quiet month of January is perfect for preparing for spring and summer journeys. Recommend creating a checklist for the big trip made up of tasks like boarding pets, acquiring the correct currency, making sure your vaccinations are current and appropriate for your destination, etc. Other blog suggestions include: helpful steps to take to ensure a good traveling year, whether 2016 will be the year to start blogging about travels, a list of the best campsites, the top most trafficked destinations in 2015, the latest resorts or RV parks to be aware of for 2016, etc. Most of all, entice customers by keeping your travel and RV content fun!

 Attorneys: Unlike other industries where the new year is something of an arbitrary division, legal matters really do change as we flip the calendar from 2015 to 2016. It’s the ideal time to blog about changes in the law for 2016 in your particular specialty. You can also have a fun retrospective look at the previous year, with such blogs as the top ten celebrity criminal cases in 2015, or the worst judgments in 2015.

Marketing Agency: Covering the top news items of 2015 helps clients understand just what draws American consumers’ attention. Now is also the time to springboard from the Super Bowl (February 7, 2016), where so many watch the contest just for the commercials. Creating an analysis of the “best” commercials of 2015 prepares your clients for the spate of 2016 marketing messages.

Financial Content: Like fitness goals, lots of financial goals are sworn to at the beginning of the year. A blog about setting and keeping realistic financial goals for 2016 would be ideal. Other good January themes are how to start an annual budget, how to save money for the New Year, and how to make your New Year’s resolution for reduced spending a reality.

If your business wasn’t listed on this page, I hope that reading through these examples will help you get into your client’s headspace to create blog topics. Too many businesses talk about what THEY are doing, topics much more interesting to the business than to its current and potential clients. Need help making the shift? Use Quora or Yahoo answers to find the real questions your clients ask about your products and services. Google and other search engines consider themselves question answering machines. They want your content to be client-question focused. Save the press releases covering your accomplishments and new products for the press. They know how to mold it into consumer-ready format. Still stumped? Feel free to call me at 858-348-5655 or fill out my contact form. I’m just sitting here writing all day!


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