Halloween Content Time! Get Ideas from 12 Examples

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Halloween gives you a chance to use provocative images to draw attention to your brand.

In a week or so, everyone will be in the Halloween mood. Many will search the web for Halloween-related answers in your industry. Think about what your business can do for your clients to make their holiday more:

  • fun
  • funny
  • safe
  • convenient
  • meaningful
  • interesting & enriching
  • profitable

Use these examples to come up with your own ideas for Halloween content for your industry. If you’re struggling at all, please don’t hesitate to email me or call me at 858-248-0667. I tend to be an idea factory, and I do love a challenge! Counseling / Psychology: Discuss the human need to spend a day considering death, the afterlife and even honor loved ones who have passed away. The Mexican holiday Dia de Los Muertos features decorated skulls as well as celebrants wearing elaborate skull make up that has been softened by beautiful designs. Mentioning this holiday and the themes it promotes can be a great jumping off point. Hair Salon Content: Crazy hair at Halloween! Encourage staff to create their own ghoulish hairdos the week before Halloween. Take photos and blog about it. Introduce a new styling or blowout method as well as further hair tips and tricks for this spooky occasion. You can also list tips and products for creating hairstyles to go with specific costumes for the night: werewolf, Dracula, Lady Frankenstein, etc. Veterinary Content: List the top Halloween-related dog and cat injuries you see each Halloween and provide ways to prevent these accidents. Also, provide a “Do’s and Don’ts” list of tips on what to do and what not to do with pets during this holiday.

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A list of top scary, campfire stories make a great Halloween blog post for RV dealerships. Scare those kids!

RV Dealership Halloween Content: Ask your sales people and staff for their favorite spooky stories for the campfire. Aggregate them in a blog post and broadcast on social media. Create a list of the local haunted places customers may want to consider visiting for a weekend getaway. Content for Attorneys: Criminal defense attorneys can describe why robbers view Halloween as an opportunity. Offer safety precautions for Halloween. Personal injury attorneys can discuss the top accidents that occur during Halloween. Family law attorneys should be gearing up to discuss how to share custody over the holidays. Marketing Agency Content: Make a list of clients or even non-client big brands and describe their Halloween promotions. E-Commerce Content: Offer a page specifically for the selling of Halloween merchandise. Promote your brand and website by aggregating products based on the Halloween theme.

Pumpkins  Make for good Halloween content
At Halloween, plumbers should tell their clients to keep the pumpkin guts out of the toilet and the sinks.

Plumbing Content: Blog about the problems pumpkins and their “guts” can create in garage disposals and sink drains. Provide tips to avoid these blockages. Restaurants: Pumpkin pie, pancakes and soup are the typical Fall favorites, but you can get some seasonal attention by creating and promoting your own unique Halloween fare. Dentists: Create a list of the top 5 candies to avoid at Halloween (the chewy stuff is the worst cavity creator). Create a list of non-candy Halloween treats that are still fun. Real Estate: Introduce the best and safest neighborhoods to go trick-or-treating. Some streets now put up Halloween decorations to rival those during the Christmas season. Find those; blog about them and broadcast your blog on social media. Candle Stores: Create list of the creepiest ways to use candles throughout the house to set the haunted mood.  

All Businesses Should Have At Least One Halloween Blog Post

The creative types at Informed Web Content can help you create seasonally relevant content for your ideal audiences. While Halloween works for October, your clients soon be onto Thanksgiving and the holidays. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 858-248-0667 or via email if you have questions or need a few ideas about content.

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