A 34-Point Checklist for Creating a Case Study that Converts

Customer being interviewed
Getting your customer to sing your praises is social proof at its best. (Image by Fairphone via flickr.)

Does the following scenario sound familiar?

You go the extra mile for your customer, recruit her to sing your praises, write a striking case study and send it off to your email list to do its magic. Then you do a little dance… and you wait. And wait…


Case studies of customer success let you touch pain points and counter objections in story form, in a way that doesn’t feel too salesy. By reading how their peer overcame challenges and reached the place they’d like to reach themselves, prospects develop an emotional connection with your satisfied customer and, through them, with your company.

Plus, once your case study is ready, you can use this one story across the funnel for maximum impact — from marketing copy to webinars to landing pages.

According to Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs’ 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report, 77% of B2B and 35% of B2C marketers use case studies. And almost 60% of the B2B marketers who participated in the study said case studies were effective for them.

But not every case study converts, or even makes it from idea to publication. That’s why we created this checklist for you. Follow it to avoid potential roadblocks and create a case study that actually helps you move the needle.

Set a goal for your case study and choose the right customer to feature

1. Decide which product, service or feature is most important for you to promote

It can be your hardest product to sell, one that goes against industry conventions or a new feature that could take your company in a new direction.

Go down your list of products and features and pinpoint the ones that differentiate you from the competition. What do you offer that your competitors just can’t?

Eventually, you’ll be able to follow in New Relic’s steps and present a case study library for each of your key features or offerings. When you do that, prospective customers will find it easy to learn about the solution that fits them best.

New Relic case study library

New Relic’s case study game is strong.

2. Go beyond features and think about benefits, too

When planning for your case study, also consider the benefits you want to promote — how will your product or feature affect customers on a deeper level?

Take Ringadoc for example, who wanted to develop case studies to show how its app helps clinics easily triage after-hour calls. They wanted to talk about the monetary benefits they bring their customers like Dentologie, a dental clinic in downtown Chicago:

dental clinic case study

Ringadoc highlights their client’s monetary benefits, but not at the expense of customer service.

The headline of this case study speaks to the monetary benefits that Ringadoc brings its clients. But the company also wanted to make sure clinics know they’ll get outstanding customer service and that their older patients will be able to handle speaking to a recording — so they were sure to highlight these deeper, more emotional benefits in the case study. Check out this excerpt, for example:

“No note gets lost and no patient finds her or himself explaining the problem five times, saving time and discomfort for everyone involved.”

Case studies should highlight features *and* benefits — from monetary to emotional.
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3. Choose an audience sector to prioritize

This is your opportunity to defy stereotypes by proving that elders can use your app too, or show how you can drive results for both solopreneurs and enterprises.

Job search service Simply Hired understands that small businesses looking to hire employees don’t operate the same as the world’s premier staffing firms. By developing sector-specific case studies, Simply Hired is able to send different prospects down different funnels focused on their specific needs:

Simply hired case studies

Project management tool Clarizen offers another way to choose audience sectors for your case studies. Understanding that project managers and IT teams are looking for different types of customer stories, Clarizen lets you filter the case study list by your position.

clarizen customer stories

4. Be strategic in your efforts to attract more local or international customers

If you want to get local press or convince prospects from around the world that you could be a good fit, take location into consideration.

Freelance writing mentors Carol Tice and Linda Formichelli offer a course called Pitch Clinic to help writers improve their pitches. The course gets mostly American students, but Carol and Linda wanted to show international subscribers that their strategies work for writers around the world.

In a case study ebook they developed, they feature this success story of a writer from India:

case study ebook
The added benefit here? Carol and Linda’s prospects in the US have extra proof that their strategies work — regardless of physical location.

5. Choose a customer industry you want to grow in

A very common question prospects ask is, “Does this solution work for my industry?” If you help multiple industries, creating a case study for each of them could help answer this question.

Check out how finance management software Intacct makes it easy for its prospects to hear from their industry-specific peers:

Hear from your peers

6. Start with the most challenging sector, or the most universal

If you’re stuck and unsure where to start, go with the most challenging industry or sector to sell to, or feature customers that saw the greatest results and can impress the largest part of your target audience.

Get customer collaboration

7. Find the low-hanging fruit

Getting customer collaboration might be the most challenging part of this process, so do your best to find the low-hanging fruit. If customers have already expressed gratitude, they’ll be easier to recruit.

Where do you find this gratitude? Check your inbox for thank you emails, look for Twitter shoutouts, search review sites and forums for praise and pay attention to who sends you the most referrals.

Customer data management software InsideView doesn’t only follow this tip — it features the shoutouts on its website:

InsideView twitter

8. Decide whether featuring big names or everyday peers will serve your audience better

If you have a satisfied celebrity customer, you may want to feature her for the immediate social proof, but weigh the pros and cons. Could prospective customers worry that it worked for the celebrity because of her unique status?

For example, if you’re an interior designer, prospects might worry that they won’t be able to achieve the same impressive results without the same budget. It might be best to feature a peer with a budget similar to that of your target audience.

However, if the celebrity won the race using your brand’s bicycle or nutrition plan, it could be the inspiration your audience needs to get more ambitious… and try your products while they’re at it.

9. Clarify who needs to approve participation and how long it’ll take

This is a big deal. Your contact might not be the one with the authority to approve the finished case study, and you want to know that before you start investing time, money and energy.

If you’re a B2C company, one family member might need to convince the rest, who could feel uncomfortable with public exposure.

If you’re in B2B, top management and legal departments could have concerns you’ll need to address. They could also have other priorities, putting your case study contract at the bottom of their to-do list and getting you stuck for months.

If you’re counting on the case study for a marketing campaign, consider how long you’re willing to wait.

Clarify a timetable. If you expect delays, consider moving forward with another option. Sometimes it’s better to go with a non-brand name and get your case study published than hold your marketing plans for months waiting for the big names to get back to you.

10. How much incentive are you willing to give?

Yes, some will participate in your case studies out of sheer gratitude, but remember that you’re asking a lot.

You’re asking them to open up about a personal or business process in front of the entire world, and to top it off, they need to make time for you. Maybe they even need to recruit others for the case study to actually happen.

There’s nothing wrong with a little incentive to make it a win-win situation.

Remember Pitch Clinic for freelance writers? I got this email from Linda Formichelli this fall. She and Carol Tice were offering a full refund to students who signed up for their course, did all their homework and… allowed Linda and Carol to feature them in a case study ebook.

Yes, they asked for case study participation before you even bought their product.

Pitch Clinic request for participation

11. Identify customers who share your target audience?

Another low hanging fruit is a customer who shares your target audience, such as a veterinarian with a dog food manufacturer as a customer. Getting buy-in and participation will be easier because the case study can promote you both… and that might be the only incentive your customer needs.

Video software company Animoto did just that by featuring a marketing agency on its success stories page.

Animato success stories

12. Get written permission to use the customer’s story in your marketing efforts

A “yes” in a post-conference party or an excited phone call will only get you so far. True, getting it in writing might prolong the process, but you’ll be covered in case your contact leaves the company or the CEO changes policies.

Otherwise, you might find yourself investing time and money in a case study that will never see the light of day.

Prepare for a successful case study interview

13. Research your own company

Leading a successful interview requires quality preparation.

If you conduct the interview yourself, take some time to familiarize yourself with departments your customer has interacted with, or departments you want to feature in your case study. These could be your customer service department, your software developers or any other relevant part of the company you don’t usually engage with professionally.

Understanding your customer’s touch points with your company will help you ask the right type of questions.

14. Research your customer’s company and industry

Researching your customers helps you understand their point of view and challenges so you can better brainstorm questions that’ll get you the data and quotes you need.

Consider this case study by enterprise data management software company Acxiom about its customer Hearst Magazines. It demonstrates that Acxiom has an intimate understanding of Hearst’s goals and challenges as the magazine landscape changes:

Acxiom on Hearst Magazine

By showing you really get the featured customer, you consequently show the case study’s target audience that you get their needs too.

15. Research the customer’s journey with your company

Learning about the satisfied customer’s background isn’t enough. Before conducting the interview, collect information about the journey the customer has gone through with your company.

Was there hesitation at first? What concerns, challenges and setbacks were experienced along the way? What ultimately led to your customer meeting or exceeding their goal?

It’s important to get this information from the customer’s perspective as well, but hearing both sides of the story will allow you to lead the interview in the direction that helps you meet your own goals.

16. Research the language the case study’s target audience uses

Every audience has different challenges and uses different terminology. Can you imagine using ROI, CRO and CRM in the same paragraph… in a case study targeted at people considering starting their first business?

Check out this case study section intro from Freelance Mom:

Freelance Mom

The company targets mompreneurs who’ve undoubtedly said at least once that they need an extra day a week. Freelance Mom is a B2B business, but it targets women raising kids and running a business. You can bet they feel alone sometimes, and here comes Lisa Stein, the Freelance Mom, to tell them they’re not alone, in terms they relate to.

17. Review your goals for the case study and adjust them accordingly

Unfortunately, we don’t always get what we want in life. As much as I want to, I can’t adopt a penguin, for example. But life isn’t about what you can’t have — it’s about making the most of what you do have.

Didn’t get the customer you wanted to feature? Make the most of the customer you did. Be grateful. And adjust your goals before brainstorming interview questions.

You might not be able to reach the target audience you wanted, but you’ll reach another sector that might surprise you.

18. Decide on a case study format

Most companies go with written case studies, but if you have the necessary resources and you manage to convince a customer to go on camera, a video case study can introduce an element of fun to sometimes dry subject matter.

Otherwise, consider bringing your customer on your podcast or webinar — you may even want to specifically seek out customers who have experience appearing on video or podcasts.

When deciding on a format, account for what works best for:

  • You and your team: Which resources are available?
  • Your customer: Which format are they most comfortable with?
  • Your target audience for the case study: Which format will resonate most with them?

19. Schedule an interview

Find out when your customer is available to talk. Make sure your interviewer understands the importance of accommodating your customer’s needs, especially across time zones.

You don’t have to talk to someone at 4 a.m. if that doesn’t work for you (though I’ve totally done that), but make an effort to put your customer’s needs first.

20. Include visuals in your case study

Photos add a great visual impact, as you can see in website builder Wix’s customer stories section:

Wix customer stories page

But don’t assume you can use these visuals.

Some people won’t feel comfortable with you using their photo, even if said photo is available publicly on social media. Others might find it to be uncomfortable enough to share their story, and won’t want the added vulnerability of their photo in your marketing materials. Further, some companies might require management or legal approval.

So get permission first, and get it in writing.

Conduct a successful case study interview

21. Start with the basics

Confirm basic information and correct spelling, and let the customer give you a little background in their own words. This is information you’re supposed to have by now, but you want to verify that it’s accurate. It’s also your way to gain some insight into the customer’s mind, values and the language they use. Pay attention, because it could help you throughout the interview.

Quoted or not, you’ll need to incorporate some basic information in your case study to give readers some context.

22. Ask the customer what the situation was like before using your product

Your customer probably dealt with many challenges your prospective customers are encountering right now.

Showing your audience you get where they are now helps them trust you to lead them to where they want to go. At the very least, you’ll give them a reason to keep reading the case study — they’ll want to find out how someone else got from where they are now to accomplishing their goals.

23. Ask the customer why they decided to change the situation

This is a great way to set the stage for the solution your company offers.

And again, people reading your case study are probably struggling with the same challenges. Showing them someone just like them put a stop to the same struggle gives them courage to do the same.

24. Don’t be afraid to talk about the concerns the customer had about working with you

Did your customer have concerns about working with your company, onboarding challenges or growing pains throughout the process?

Don’t be afraid to ask about these roadblocks and include them in your case study — this is your chance to touch on customer pain points and help prospects overcome objections in a non-salesy way.

Marie Forleo does this beautifully with her course, B-School. Check out the right sidebar in the image below. She has an answer for every objection you could possibly have about joining B-School, and it’s especially effective because it comes from customers who had the same objections, overcame them and achieved great results with B-School.

B-School customer concerns

25. Showcase the customer’s journey with your company

Another benefit to talking about product challenges that prospects fear they’ll face? You get to show the process your company led to help real customers overcome these challenges.

This case study I wrote for Set Her Free, for example, doesn’t claim that life is now perfect for Florence, a young woman Set Her Free rescued from the sex industry in Uganda. But it does show the process Florence went through and how Set Her Free helped her reach a point where hope is a reality.

Set her free customer journey

26. Ask your customer how life or business is different now

This is the best part: Get your customer to paint a picture of how life or business is different now. Try to get as accurate data as you can, but, depending on your goals, don’t forget to focus on feelings too.

BONUS TIP: Don’t be afraid to ask follow up questions, because you never know what you’re going to learn.

Write a customer-centric, goal-oriented case study

27. Choose your case study structure

Decide whether you use the good ol’ structure of “challenge, solution, results” (to make it easy for readers to navigate), or benefit-driven headlines that tell a story and evoke curiosity.

Athlete endorsement matchmaking service Opendorse, for example, used the classic structure in its Girl Scouts of Nebraska case study.

Opendorse Girl Scouts
Opendorse-Girl Scouts 2

Unbounce, on the other hand, combined both methods when it came time to share how the company helped Chair 10 Marketing save $ 400 per client. Unbounce featured a classic structure in a sidebar, and benefit-driven headlines in the body of the case study.

Chair 10 case study
Chair 10 case study benefits

28. Make your customer the hero of the case study

Clearly, your solution helped your featured customer, otherwise you wouldn’t have a great case study to market. But be careful not to make your customer look bad because of poor past choices.

On the contrary, make your customer the classic Hollywood hero, weathering many storms until finally finding the right tool or service to reach their goals. That’s the kind of story your prospects can relate to, and the kind that will convince more customers to participate in case studies down the line.

29. Give your customer a chance to ask for edits

Finally, before hitting publish, let your customer read the case study and ask for edits.

Not only is it fair, but it’ll help you avoid possible friction later (after you’ve already promoted the case study) with one of your most valuable customers.

Get the most mileage out of your case study by marketing it both externally and internally

30. Get the necessary approvals before spreading the news

If there’s anyone who still need to greenlight the publication inside your company or on the customer’s end, get that approval before you share the case study with the world.

31. Let your audience know about your case study in every possible way

Incorporate your case study in your site copy, blog, email newsletter and social media, plus create a designated page or section just for case studies.

Want some inspiration?

HubSpot created a designated case study section, with a quick overview of results and clickable boxes, which lead you to the full case studies:

Hubspot case study section

Unbounce added a case study video to its home page. You see a results-focused quote next to the customer’s photo, then have the option to click a button and watch the case study video… right on the home page:

Unbounce case study video

Danny Iny of Mirasee (previously Firepole Marketing) incorporated a case study in the landing page for one of his courses, Write Like Freddy:

Write Like Freddy

Bryan Harris is known for his formulas, which are based on case studies of successful customers. Here’s one of the case studies he published as a post on his blog, Videofruit:

Video fruit case study

32. Let other people’s audiences know about your case study, too

Pitch to get interviewed, write guest posts and have related press releases published.

Before Michael Aagaard joined the Unbounce team, he wrote guest posts for the blog and featured case studies of his own company, ContentVerve:

ContentVerve case study

33. Market the case study to your own team

Just as importantly, market the case study inside your company to let team members know their work makes a difference, and recruit them to help you take the company to the next level.

To do that, email everybody when the case study is ready, share it in team meetings and trainings and hang it around the office.

Diane Autey, sales support content manager at RedBrick Health, did just that — she hung case studies on office walls and put them in a binder, which she placed in the lunchroom, so all employees can have access to them.

34. Document the publicity’s impact on your customer

When marketing your case study, keep tabs on how this publicity helps your customer grow, too.

This works especially if you share a target audience, like in the example of video software Animoto featuring a marketing agency on its success stories page.

But even if you don’t, consider making an effort to get in front of audiences that could help your customer shine. If you’re a video software company with a bakery customer, don’t just seek publicity on marketing sites. Look for websites and magazines that serve the bakery industry, or try to get your case study featured on the local news, where this bakery’s customers are the target audience.

It’ll make it easier to convince the next satisfied customer to participate.

Which case study step will you take next?

Creating case studies may seem complex at first glance, but following this checklist will simplify your journey to conversions you can dance to.

Need someone to cheer you on? Share your next step with us in the comments and we’ll do just that.


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  6. ShoeLvr^This cycling two piece is adorable&#44 light and made very well. It looks just like the picture obviously unsuccessfully. I’m not going to return it simply because I don’t want to take the time in doing so. I just hope I can get rid of the stain or cover it up nicely.FYI: I’m usually wear between a medium-large in cycling clothes. However&#44 the large top does run a little small for my 34DD-36D chest/164lbs but it still fits snug & nice. The bottoms fit a little loose on me & I’m a curvy firm frame person&#44 but they are perfect for me. If you happen to be more hippie with large thighs (like pear shape)&#44 you may want to get Extra large.Update: 9/8/16This company expediently responds & cares a lot about the customer’s satisfaction. They have been working with me 2 days now to resolve any issues I may still have. 5 Stars plus for Seller & Amazon’s Customer Service”~4|J. Duplantis^I purchased just the Jersey&#44 but this jersey was waaaaaaay too small. too small for almost anyone unless they wear a size 00. very disappointed in this purchase&#44 considering how adorable it looks. but&#44 I can’t imagine even a XL fitting properly. (I’m 5’7″ tall&#44 135&#44 athletic build&#44 avid cyclist.)~3|M Burby^Does fit small as mentioned. Order 1-2 sizes above what you normally wear. Front of jersey on the short side&#44 back of jersey just fine. Nice big pockets on the back. Great breathable material. Cute colors. Good zipper. Cut is a just a little strange&#44 lots of extra space in the chest area compared to other jerseys. Would recommend for the price.~3|Stacey P.^Based on other reviews&#44 I purchased a medium (I am usually a small). The medium fits fairly well&#44 but it lose in the chest. However&#44 the chamois is WAY too wide and creates the biggest camel toe (see photo). I had my husband put them on and he said that they fit perfectly&#44 so I think at least the shorts are cut for a male. The price is good&#44 but the cut is off.~3|Amazon Customer^These fit very small so order at least 1 size up. Fortunately&#44 I read the reviews and ordered up so I was fine. It is a great quality product. The pockets are deep and wide on the back. The colors are beautiful and it washes (hang dry) well. The best feature is the silicon strip along the hem that helps keep the back down and in place while you are riding. I am tall 5′ 10″ and it did seem a little short waisted to me even in an XL. I also ordered other cycling jerseys from Amazon and this one was by far the best quality. I hope they will come out with more patterns and colors. I would buy another one with these features. Great price.~4|Shelly^I ordered up a size considering the reviews and am very satisfied with the fit. The graphics are nice&#44 both shorts and jersey are nicely made. The padding in the shorts is more appropriate for shorter rides&#44 so I save my really nice shorts for the day long and multi day rides.~5|annette^I bought this for my daughter. They do run small&#44 she typically wears a US size 0-2 and we ordered a Medium&#44 and it fits her great. She loves the purple flowers. It’s a great value for the price. Definitely would buy them again.~5|Addict Shopper^Asian sizes are super small. I am a small and ordered XL. The top is way too small and the pants were too big. This is not a very good combination if you have to purchase as a set. Way too small and mismatched sizing.~3|clow^The pattern is definitely cute but the sizing is more like child sizes. I normally wear a Large so I ordered an Extra Large. I compared it with a friend’s jersey&#44 size small (pearl izumi) and the shirts were the same size. Unless you are a very tiny person do not order this shirt. I am stuck with it now because the shipping to send it back is more than half what it costs. Not worth the trip to the post office.~4|Mallory Malone^Way too small. I normally wear a medium&#44 ordered a large and it was so small there was a good 8 inches between the two sides when attempting to zip it up. I am 5’7″ 155 lbs~3|

  7. Renato^It does NOT run small like other reviewers said.. well at least mine&#44 purchased from Amazon (ship and sold). I’m 6’3″ / 210lbs and my t-shirt size is usually large unless it’s muscle&#44 fitted or slim fit (in this case it’s X-Large). For this t-shirt I ordered extra large based on other reviews but the item is huge. So I suggest you order your regular size&#44 do not go 1 size up. Besides that the material is very good&#44 soft and lightweight an the logo is nice (not too big).~4|Joshua Mas^Im a breaking bad fan and I know that there are a lot of other fans out there who have a bunch of shirts and stuff but I have to say this is one that I haven’t seen out there. I bought it and&#44 although it fits a little smaller than I wanted it and it’s a simple design&#44 it is a cool shirt for a fan to wear; especially if you’re a Goodman fan. At first when people see it it looks like a thrift shop shirt (which I personally like) but after a another glance BAM its instantly cool&#44 you’re instantly cool&#44 and because the shirt isn’t that flashy&#44 you come across as “cooler” more sophisticated fan.. just sayin’. anyways its a good price&#44 cool shirt&#44 just buy a size up from what you normally get cause it shrinks a little and if you have wider shoulders or a broader chest make sure you definitely go up a size&#44 its tight in those areas a little.~4|Marsha Cloudy^Waited several days for delivery&#44 and the shirt was too small. I had ordered XXL….the shirt tag was XXL….but the shirt was probably an XL. I threw away the packaging so was unable to return.~3|Shroney^I definitely agree with a previous review&#44 I am returning a Large and replacing with XL. The large was too tight.~4|Jeff Scott^For fans of Better Call Saul this is a must have. Fits just right.~5|ExDolfin^High quality t shirt&#44 high quality design~5|Amazon Customer^I got this for my husband for Christmas (this year) got it based on fit reviews and got the perfect size it seems pretty tts for him. Its super soft material probably because its not a 100% cotton but its fine with me since it feels really comfy. Its thinner but not a cheap material&#44 he will love that its not thick or scratchy material. Iam really impressed. I really wish they sold some tops that felt/fit like this one. Id definitely recommend this top for any Breaking Bad fan :)~5|BeeFries^Still one of my favorite shirts to this day… Bought this probably 2 years ago now and it still looks and fits great.~4|M. Tillery^Arrived as promised. My son really likes it!~5|banksd2010^My husband loved getting this shirt for Christmas. He loves the Better Call Saul series&#44 and after searching for this shirt in several stores I was afraid that this might not be as good of a product. He already told me that when he wears it out from wearing it all the time that he wants me to order another one!~5|

  8. griffinshoney^My son is absolutely in love with this sweatshirt. Nice quality and the graphic is done really well.~5|J. Walters^Smaller than expected and logo is not of the best quality~3|Deborah Norman^Very nice hoodie.~5|deb shriver^It was great looks and feels just like the picture~5|Lisa Carlson^Fits perfect – love it~5|Amazon Customer^Grandson picked this out for Christmas. He will love it.~5|W. Gant^My son loves this hoodie. Fabric quality is good.~5|Blaze^Fit was good cloth is a little thin. Perfect if you expect a light weight jacket.~5|

  9. Granimals70^I bought this shirt as a gift for my brother who is restoring a 57 Chevy that is almost exactly this same color scheme; it is a really cute shirt and a nice gift for someone restoring the car&#44 but it is a tad expensive for such a thin shirt. Still&#44 it was appreciated.~4|

  10. edeaver^This is a pretty decent hat. It’s wonderful for the price. Not sure how long it will last&#44 but I do like it so far. I’ve worn it once…it looks good.~4|J. Pira^Love this cap! Bought it for rainy days. Looks great. Great price.~5|Gracie B^Well made and pretty. Adjustable fit. Love it!~5|Nancy M^Well made and very cute! Wish it would adjust smaller but otherwise very nice.~4|tnieves^LOVE IT~5|

  11. Amazon Customer^Very adorable shirt. Nice thick cotton. I saw a review that it ran a little big so I ordered one size down and it was perfect. My son is a 5T (they didn’t have it) and I ordered 4T. Only negative thing is after 1 wash (inside out) the decal started to crack. But my son doesn’t care lol. It was his birthday shirt and he absolutely adores it. Considering how insanely impossible it is to get anything Peppa pig in the stores here never mind anything GEORGE…….. I will buy from here again just wash on delicate.~4|Bikergirl^Nice t shirt and my grandson loved it! Crazy over anything Peppa Pig!~5|Blanca Alcazar^INot happy with it. The color are faded! I guess you get what you pay for????~3|Amazon Customer^Bought this for my son to wear for his sisters birthday party. Not even half a day and the shirt is already looking worn out. It looked perfect when it arrived and I purposely didn’t NOT wash before he wore it.~3|Patti L. Sippey^The shirt is for my one year old grandson who loves Peppa Pig. It came on time. The shirt is perfect&#44 so colorful. I love it!~5|PssstHeyYou^had to run it in dryer to fit my almost 4 year old boy&#44 Good quality~5|Fam of 7^Very cute! Good quality&#44 washed well.~5|Diane B.^Great quality!~5|Hanne Leon^Big Peppa Pig fans&#44 so anything with George and his dinosaur is very appreciated. Fits comfy and washes well; no shrinking.~5|Ms. W^Great bargain. Wonderful quality for the price~5|

  12. J. Hartman^My husband is 6 foot tall and has broad shoulders and chest which is why I always buy his shirts in a 2x but this shirt fits perfect in the back&#44 arms and chest but it is super long. With him being 6 feet tall it comes down to the middle of his top leg&#44and me being 5’5 I tried it on and it came down to my knees which is a bonus to me as I may order one as a sleep shirt in a smaller size . Other than it being super long its really excellent quality and the graphics are awesome and it didnt shrink when I washed and dried it ( which in the case I wish it did a little so its not so long )~5|Charles Edward Plante&#44 Jr.^Very Nice and Extremely Awesome: When I first found this Tee-shirt on Amazon.com I knew that I wanted it right away and after it arrived I was impressed and everyone else who have seen the shirt have all commented on how extremely awesome the shirt is&#44 it not only looks fantastic and it’s made well too. Extremely Awesome shirt for an Extremely Awesome Band~5|Christopher Arnold^Great Classic T-Shift~5|Charles Koslosky^So far so good. I bought a medium for my husband&#44 it arrived in a timely manner&#44 I washed it&#44 and he intends to wear it soon. The quality seems good. I was hesitant as far as sizing&#44 but in this case it was accurate.~5|Jes^Great price&#44 great shirt !~5|DM^fit well~5|Steve Howe^Good buy for price1~5|kevin r.^great graphics sucky size.i ordered an xlarge and their idea of an xlarge is a medium.this may be a childs xlarge.if your my size an xl order an xxxl.way disapointed and angry&#44i dont have the time to return and im not sure id want to see their idea of a xxxl.~3|BobCz^Awesome shirt. Nice quality and it looks great. I have gotten some very nice comments about the shirt when I’m wearing it.~5|Gregory P.^Good shirt~5|

  13. Amazon Customer^we have a “girls rule boys drule” joke in our house so this was funny for that plus we love superheros. I always buy one size up in case of shrinkage and so they get longer use of the garment. She likes it.~5|Jacqueline^My daughter loves this shirt. She wore it for superhero day a school and it seems like all the other little girls really liked it as well. She still wears it on a regular basis.~5|james^Size is just right&#44 my daughter loves it~5|Online Shopping Mom^So cute and the colors are very vibrant. A little pricey but my daughter loves it and the quality seems good~5|Lisa^My granddaughter loves this shirt!~5|Myron^Daughter loved it&#44 good fit if you follow the size chart. It looks like thin material &#44 made my daughter wear a jacket because it was see through a little bit.~3|Heather Dutton^Nicely made~5|deb^It was a gift she loved it&#44! Looks great on her Thank you hope to do more business transactions in future great turn around time ….~5|E. Phillips^Excellent but runs very small. Size up.~5|Linley R Boone^Cute&#44 good quality&#44 my six year old lived it.~5|

  14. Bill K.^With the flag hat craze in full swing I decided to go for one with just the great seal of florida instead of another hat with the entire flag. In Florida hats get ruined by sweat pretty quick so the price point made this hat very appealing. Fits good&#44 more like a high crown trucker.~5|Andy^Hat fits nicely and very comfortable! Not to mention looks great and showing Florida pride!~5|Lobotomy-Denied^Quality baseball cap! The patch is stiched on very well.~5|Daniel Scott^Love it so far. Has a nice bend to the bill.~4|Amazon Customer^Love it very cool great fit.~4|Joe Forker^’Merica~5|Antwan Jackson^GREAT BUY! very happy with this piece of merchandise~5|

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  19. Leslie Estes^I wear a lot of \”glitter hats\” and received this a s gift from my husband for Christmas. Most of my hats have animal prints with sequins – and I love them all. But this hat has quickly become my favorite! It is even nicer than the picture. It is a beautiful black lace with just the right amount of sequins. The lace is just slightly opaque&#44 just enough but not so transparent that you can see your hair. I get a lot of compliments on this hat.My only problem with it was the brim was curled pretty tightly. I tend to like a flatter brim. No problem – there is clear plastic under the lace so my son suggested I try laying it flat against a counter and applying heat from a hair dryer. I started by not flattening it completely so I wouldn’t crack the plastic. I gently applied more pressure as it heated up and became more flexible. I was finally able to hold it flush against the counter while continuing to apply heat. I used the medium setting on my hair dryer so I wouldn’t risk burning the lace and kept checking it until I got the exact shape I wanted (and to make sure I wasn’t burning it). It took about 10-15 minutes in all. It has held its shape without any problem. Love it!You won’t be disappointed in this hat. :-)April Update: I’ve been wearing this hat for several months now and the sequins are not falling off. Still looks and wears great.~5|

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  21. Alex Granados^awful product. its a stupid f***ing iron on tranfer of the Thrasher logo. i wore it once and threw it away.~3|dom^Runs really small. It’s odiously fake&#44 the graphic is plastic and crappy&#44 and its made out of really thin cloth~4|Amazon Customer^This is NOT a Thrasher Skateboard sweatshirt. It is a knock off with an iron on patch.~3|zeckur^Different size & product..~3|cory mccabe^Ordered a hoodie got a t shirt~3|Patricia T. Sanchez^Grandson loved it! Thanks.~5|Amazon Customer^Dope sweater&#44 thin material though~5|Amazon Customer^Les manches sont beaucoup trop courtes&#44 aussi les dlais de livraison n’ont pas t respects. Je vais devoir le donner un dp?t humanitaire.Donc je perds ces sous. Je ne suis pas du tout satisfaite.~3|

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  23. Theresa S. Tippit^This shirt fits as expected. The quality of the shirt and of the printing is great and has lasted through numerous washes. I don’t try it in the dryer so cannot comment on shrinkage.~5|Doll^I bought this tshirt for my son. He loves it. Fits perfect; soft material and very comfortable. He just loves it! And he’s very particular about fit and comfort.~5|John C.^This T-Shirt fit exactly as labeled. Washed in cold water&#44 the color didn’t fade&#44 run or wash out noticeably. It wasn’t put in the drier. It was hung on a clothes line&#44 so It didn’t shrink&#44 either. Didn’t seem to lose it’s shape after 15 or 20 washings.~5|Aaron Ridderbush^Very Happy.~5|don nuckles^great shirt fixs great~5|JerseyPrice^Nice quality~5|Big Head Todd & The Monsters^Quality item&#44 So-far so-good goes the man…~5|princess^Love them but they do run big.But it’s fine so let’s make America great again.~4|Luis^This is a great product and it fits just as expected. the design is bigger than what i was expecting abd the colors are bright&#44 never before have i gotten so many complements and other reactions.~5|Carlos Rodriguez^Love it&#44 will buy more~5|

  24. nathan^I love these christian shirts. Their designs are cool and up to date and the messages they have printed on them are strong yet they are delivered in a more subtle fashionable design which I like. I am not a “Hey look at the loud and proud statement on my shirt/bumpersticker type of person” but with these shirts I know I will be able to incorporate them into my style&#44 such as adding a partially buttoned button-up shirt on top of it&#44 and still be able to share my faith to others when they read my shirt or ask what it says. I have worn these shirts by themselves on many occasions and they are plenty cool without adding any layering. I highly recommend these for anyone.~5|; ~ PB^So many times in life we push away God… no… We push away all thoughts of God.Having God in our conscious is just too much. The mere thought of God takes away what we perceive as our free will. The only problem is that free will is the principal that we cannot be placed in chains.Free Will is the ability to do as we ought. The minute we begin to do something contrary to Free Will&#44 we immediately place ourselves in hobbles. We are hobbled by our own making. Self inflicted pain or injury.To live free&#44 we must do as we ought. The only real freedom any one of us can have&#44 is to do as you ought&#44 because it’s what you want to do.;~PB~5|Blonde^Looks great. Ladies this is a great gift for a guy to let him know how much you appreciate his strength. Gave this to my husband on a day that I had no clue was difficult for him. He loved it. I think just about every guy out there likes to be associated with being strong.~5|cw^VERY&#44 NICE SHIRT&#44GOOD QUALITY&#44 FITS WELL&#44 GREAT PRINTING. THE SHIRT IS AWESOME. EVERYONE SHOULD LOVE THESE GREAT QUALITY SHIRTS. ESPECIALLY WHAT THEY MEAN.~5|jennifer^I bought this for my son for confirmation. He didn’t need another rosary or tie tack. The fabric is high quality and the graphic is very vibrant. It has washed up well and has become one of my son’s go to t-shirts.~5|Nancy^This was a gift for a young man who graduated from a rehab program (18 months) We were proud of him and his accomplishmentsthrough this program and wanted to bless him. He is still moving forward strong.~5|Chris^Shirt feels good and makes me feel good for wearing it. I like people to know what I’m about without actually having to even say a word.~5|Ghost Dog^Be strong wonderful message from the scriptures&#44 the book of phillipines illustrates roman soldiers and the shield of honor and strength.~5|SeaJay^Nice color and look. Washes well and looking great!~5|Godchick72^Another awesome t shirt. My favorite verse. Gave it to hubby for his birthday! He loves it! Thank you! :)~5|

  25. Peter_the_Gr8^Fits well and is about the standard I’d expect. After getting a few awful shirts from China&#44 this is like wearing a tailored suit. I’ve washed it a few times and it holds up. I only air dry shirts that I want to last.~5|ILLWILL173^Was pleasantly surprised with this T-shirt.. its great quality cotton and slim fit …not too long or too Short even after washing.~5|Mark^Nice quality t. I am tall and length is an issue sometimes but the t fits great and screen quality is good too. Surpassed my expectations.~5|Amazon Customer^Love my shirt. Fit perfect and since I used Amazon Locker it came quick and an easy pick-up. Had absolutely no issues with this purchase and I would definitely buy from this seller again.~5|Whitney A Wright^This shirt is NOT 100% cotton! It’s a strange slick polyester/ flag material. No other tags in it besides size. Not officially licensed. Do not buy~3|D's Movie Corner^Great&#44 fits well after three machine washes and dries. Graphic is of quality&#44 and seems to be well printed.~5|Pamela famulro^They fit perfect I loved it great t-shirt~5|Amazon Customer^After reading reviews wasn’t sure whether this shirt or not but after the price dropped to $9 what the heck.Much to my surprise it is cotton&#44 not a slim fit and looks great. Love it!~5|RusticTraveller^Arrived 2 days early&#44 love the tee-shirt&#44 great quality over-all I am very happy with the vendor&#44 I plan on getting more products~5|David B.^Good quality t shirt~5|

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