50 Business Ideas People are Actually Making Money From (Complete with Examples)

50 Business Ideas People are Actually Making Money From (Complete with Examples)

Choosing a business idea is an incredibly important decision. A great idea can make your life so much easier. People will naturally identify with your mission and help to share your message. The right topic will make you come alive and you’ll fall in love with your business and customers.

A poorly chosen idea, on the other hand, can make life difficult. When people stop by your site, they won’t find a compelling reason to stick around. You’ll be swimming upstream every week, wondering where you went wrong. We don’t want that to happen to you, which is why we've already identified 10 common mistakes to avoid when choosing a business idea.

Now that you know what to avoid when choosing an idea, we’re ready to share with you 50 business ideas that will spark your imagination, stimulate your creativity, and put you on the path to indie business success. These are real ideas independent business founders, including many of the members in the Fizzle community, have used to generate income and build a business.

Note: below we mention several examples of effective businesses run by founders who are featured in Fizzle Founder Stories. Founder Stories are in-depth, high-definition, behind-the-scenes interviews with effective entrepreneurs where we find out how they got begined, how they earn money, why they’ve been effective, and what advice they have for new business builders. There are dozens of Founder Stories in the Fizzle library, and several are mentioned here.

Is one of the ideas on this list right for you? Let’s find out…

1. Podcaster

As the popularity of podcasts continues to grow, increasing numbers of podcast hosts and creators are finding ways to monetize their shows. This comes with selling products and services to the audience, as well as landing deals with advertisers.

Real World Examples: Jordan Harbinger has built a business around his effective podcast, The Art of Charm, and is featured in one of our Fizzle Founders Stories.

John Lee Dumas has also built a massively effective business around his daily podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire, and hosts Fizzle’s Advanced Podcasting course.

(You’re already subscribed to The Fizzle Show, right? We covered Choosing and Vetting a Business Idea way back in episode #8, and more the latestly discussed How to Get Past the Fear of Choosing the Wrong Business Idea in episode #154.)

2. Blogger

For over two decades bloggers have been building audiences by delivering free, relevant, entertaining, and/or informative content on a myriad  of topics, including fashion, food, fitness, health and wellness, minimalism, business, careers, and technology. Much like podcasting, bloggers are able to monetize their audience in a number of ways, including selling products and services directly to their audience, as well as selling access to their audience to advertisers.

Real World Examples: Dana and John Shultz have built a business around their blog Minimalist Baker, and they share their expertise as the hosts of Fizzle’s Essentials of Building a Great Food Blog course.

Keeping with the minimalist blogger theme, Leo Babauta also makes a living via his blog Zen Habits, which was named one of Time Magazine’s top 25 blogs in the world two years in a row. Leo is featured in one of our Fizzle Founder Stories and also hosts our course, “How to Create Effective and Engaging Content.”

3. Selling Through Etsy and Ebay

Online retailers offer indie business builders an existing platform with which to sell products online (no complicated shopping cart or website development required). Handmade art, vintage collectables, jewelry, and custom creations can all be sold effectively through websites like Etsy and Ebay.

Real World Example: Think selling jewelry is “too small” a business idea for you? In her Fizzle Founder Story, former Fizzler and current popular podcast host Jess Lively explains how selling jewelry was an instrumental component in her incredible business journey.

4. Wedding Photographer

Soon-to-be-wed couples are always on the hunt for a talented photographer to snap unforgettable shots on their special day. The generally higher rates for wedding related products and services presents an excellent opportunity for wedding photographers to generate great income.  

Real World Example: Friend of Fizzle Jen Wojcik specializes in “Fine Art Weddings” and has built an impressive client list and portfolio in just a few years.

5. Video Producer/Creator

A quick scroll through your Facebook feed will reveal just how prevalent online videos have become. Whether it’s sales, education, animations, or instructional, the ability to create high quality video content is a skill that’s only going continue to rise in demand.

Real World Examples: Former Fizzle team member (and host of our “Essential of Shooting and Editing Video” course) Caleb Wojcik runs a effective video production business.

As does Chris Johnson of Simplifilm, who’s featured in one of our Fizzle Founder Stories.

Richard Boehmcke of Vibrant Motion also makes a living creating videos. Richard hosts our “Getting Started with Video Production” course inside of Fizzle.

6. Freelance Writer / Content Creator

While the prevalence of podcasting and videos continues to rise, the majority of online content is still based in the good ol’ fashioned written word. Talented writers have a myriad of opportunities to build a business by offering their writing services in the creation of blog posts, magazine articles, editorials, and more.

Real World Example: Check our article on How to Become a Freelance Writer for tips from over 25 effective freelance writing experts.

7. Personal Chef

Our insanely busy modern lifestyle is, paradoxically, coinciding with increasing understanding of the importance of nutrition in our lives. The result is many busy people looking for a personal chef to cook them healthy and delicious meals.

Real World Example: Fizzle member “Chef Shelley” is a personal chef and runs the site Chef in the ‘Burbs where she shares recipes honed from working as a chef and cooking for her two boys (one of whom is a very picky eater).

8. Freelance Designer

Online resources like Squarespace and WordPress can take the average DIY website builder a long way. That said, many businesses still want to hire a design professional to design and build their websites.

Real World Example: Chuck Longandecker, of user-experience web design company Digital Telepathy, shares the way to build a design company from scratch in one of our Fizzle Founder Stories.

9. Photography Teacher

Already built a effective photography business? Time to begin teaching what you know to others.

Real World Example: That’s what long-time Fizzler Darlene Hildebrandt does through her business Digital Photo Mentor.

10. Copywriter

Copywriters create content intended to produce a specific action from the reader, be it make a purchase, book a consultation, or opt-in to a mailing list. These writing gigs can include sales pages, email marketing, landing pages, white papers, in-app messaging, and more.

Real World Examples: One of our nearly all prolific Fizzle Forum contributors, Faith Watson, offers copywriting services via her business Pen to Zen.

Think this idea might be for you? Read our article, Writing Copy for the Web: The 80/20 Guide to Copywriting for Entrepreneurs.

11. Online Course Creator

It’s no secret that information products like online courses are an extremely effective means of sharing your knowledge with an audience. Your course can be self-hosted, or sold and hosted through online learning sites like Udemy and Lynda.  

Real World Example: Fizzler John Corcoran of Smart Business Revolution has created effective courses on connecting with influencers and hosting webinars. He the latestly launched his latest course on finding and working with ideal clients.  

12. Software as a Service

People need software to solve their problems. If you have the insight and the skill-set to create that software, you’ll have a effective business on your hands.

Real World Examples: Frustrated with the existing webinar software available, Fizzler Omar Zenhom created Webinar Ninja.

In one of our Fizzle Founder Stories, Sahil Lavinga shares how he created Gumroad to help creatives sell their products directly to their audience. (Checkout Fizzle’s Gumroad Quick Start Guide.)

13. Curated Resource Seller

This business idea involves selling curated resources to your audience, usually at a significantly discounted rate.

Real World Example: Fizzler Tom Ross made $ 100K in four months (!) after launching Design Cuts, a business offering deals on digital design tools and resources.

14. Web Conversion Specialist

When website visitors aren’t taking the desired action on a page, webmasters turn to conversion rate specialists for help.

Real World Example: Fizzler John Muldoon built a business improving website conversion rates.

Learn how one of our Fizzle members increased his conversion rate by 3000% in this article.

15. Selling with Amazon FBA

Think Amazon only sells books? Think again! Using the Fullfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, indie businesses are able to store products in Amazon’s warehouses, and when sales are made, Amazon will pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for your products.

Real World Example: Fizzle member Dave Stewart launched Crystal Creek Gear this year and has several popular products selling through the Fulfillment by Amazon program.

16. Personal Trainer

Whether it’s in-person or online, people are always looking for expert advice on the way to get healthier, leaner, and stronger. If you know your way around a gym, this might be for you.

Real World Example: Fizzler and personal trainer Darren Stehle helps folks get in shape over at Eat, Move, Be.

17. App Developer

Mobile app development, especially for iOS, is a great opportunity for a business.

Real World Example: In one of our Fizzle Founder Stories, Nathan Barry describe how, prior to creating the popular email service ConvertKit, he got his begin in business by developing iPhone apps.

18. Researcher

As is the case with many time-intensive and skill-dependent activities, business owners, authors, and journalists alike often look to outsource the research portion of their work.

Real World Example: Fizzler Jolene Davies runs a effective research and consulting business called In the Know with Jo.

19. WordPress Plugin Maker

One of the great things about the WordPress platform is that it allows independent businesses to develop and sell plug-ins that extend and expand website functionality.

Real World Example: Fizzler Anne Dorko developed the popular WordPress Dictionary plug-in.

20. Freelance Animator

Animated videos are good for longer than just Saturday morning entertainment. They can be used for product demos, sales videos, explainer videos and more.

Real World Example: Fizzler Christina Mayes’ business Yon and Yonder Studies provides a slew of visual communication solutions.

21. Social Media Consultant

Let’s face it, every business needs a social media presence, but few have the time and skill-set to do it right, especially in the always changing social media environment. That’s why social media experts will continue to be in high demand for the foreseeable future.

Real World Examples: Fizzler Tony Rulli helps businesses do social media the right way.

Amy Porterfield describes doing social media strategy for the one and only Tony Robbins in one of our Fizzle Founder Stories.

22. Youtube

Youtubers create videos (or vlogs) and build an audience through subscriptions to their Youtube channel. Revenue can then be generated from Youtube’s advertising program, product placements, the selling of products and services, and more.

Real World Examples: Fizzler Matt Giovanisci the latestly used his Youtube channel Money Lab to help promote his 30-day challenge product, Entrepreneur: The Rap Album.

Fizzler Thomas Frank runs the incredibly popular College Info Geek, a YouTube channel with over 300,000 subscribers.

Listen to Former Fizzle team member Caleb Wojcik’s interview with Youtuber Amy Schmittauer about the way to Vlog on Youtube here.

23. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate businesses create income by marketing author people’s products through joint ventures or affiliate agreements.

Real World Example: Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income is an affiliate marketing expert who teaches our Fizzle course “Affiliate Marketing the Smart Way”.   

24. Exam Prep Educator

People want to pass exams, and you can build a business by helping them do just that.

Real World Example: Fizzler Mike Grossman’s business Professional Practice Exams Headquarters provides technical exam preparation support for professionals.

25. Small Business Coach

Small business coaches help founders improve their business practices and get better results.

Real World Examples: Jason Billows, host of Fizzle’s Essentials of Book Yourself Solid course, helps service professionals take their small businesses to the next level.

Fizzler Bree Brouwer is doing the same via her business Geek & Prosper, as is Greg Faxon.

26. Launch Consultant

A strong launch can help set a book, business, or product up for long-term success.

Real World Example: Fizzler Tom Morkes is a book launch expert whose consulting services have helped send books by folks like Dan Norris and Jeff Goins to bestseller status.

27. Life Coach

Life coaches work with their clients to help address personal challenges, make better decisions, and increase confidence and happiness.

Real World Example: Fizzler James Mondry is a life coach who specializes in working with corporate managers.

28. Facebook Ads Consultant

Facebook advertising can be extremely effective if a proper campaign is designed and implemented, but Facebook constantly shifts technology and advertising rules create a barrier for many business owners and marketers. That’s why developing expertise in Facebook advertising and then selling your services as a consultant can be an excellent business opportunity.

Real World Example: Fizzler Claire Pelletreau’s Facebook Ad consulting business was so effective that she launched a training program to scale her business.

29. Ebook Creator

This business idea involves creating and selling digital books that provide people with vital information they’re willing to pay for.

Real World Example: Brett Kelly’s Evernote Essentials ebook was so effective that Evernote eventually hired him. We spoke with Brett in episode 38 of the Fizzle Show as part of our First Product Series and featured him in one of our Fizzle Founder Stories.   

30. Productivity Consulting

Productivity experts help busy people gain greater control of their lives by teaching them basic productivity principals and a better understanding of technological tools.

Real World Example: That’s what Fizzler Lili Weisz does with her business, Simplified Life.  

31. SEO consultant

Most website traffic is still driven by Google, which is why, despite constant algorithm changes, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains an in-demand skill-set.

Real World Example: Liz Lockard is a small business marketing consultant who uses many tools including SEO to help her clients find more business online.

32. Coloring Book/Poster Maker

Colouring books (for children and adults alike) are huge right now. If you have the illustration chops, this might be for you.

Real World Examples: The instant success of Fizzler Walker Cleaveland’s business, Illustrated Children’s Ministry, inspired episode #141 of the Fizzle show: $ 25K in 3 Weeks, How to Handle the Overwhelm of a Hit Product.

Fizzler Mary J. Winters-Meyers has tackled the adult colouring side of things with her site Coloring Books for Adults.

33. Website Flipper

Think flipping houses is the only way to make money flipping something? Think again! Purchasing websites, redesigning, and then selling them can bring in big bucks.

Real World Example: Chris Guthrie of UpFuel tells the story of how he made $ 50k in 20 months from one website flip.

34. Event Planner

Putting on a conference, fashion show, or industry event is a lot of work. That’s why event planning can be a lucrative business for those with the know-how (and Buddha-like calmness in high stress situations).

Check out this article on How to Be a Freelance Event Planner from Careerlancer.

35. Tour Guide

Are you a people person who enjoys the outdoors, leading groups, and travel the world or visiting popular spots in your city? Indie tour guide might be the business for you.

Real World Example: World-traveler Jodi Ettenberg leads “food walks” around Saigon, exposing her readers to her favorite bites from the streets of Vietnam.

36. Art Teacher

Art is a big part of all of our lives, and many people are interested and willing to pay to learn the way to become better artists.

Real World Examples: Fizzler Elaine Luther helps people reconnect with their creativity through online and in-person art courses.

Fizzler Paul Foxton helps realist artists improve their painting and illustration at Learning to See.

37. Public Speaker

Getting paid to speak at events, conferences, and seminars can be a fantastic business opportunity, if you don’t mind travel and have already developed authority and expertise on a topic.

Real World Example: Josh Shipp, a professional speaker featured in one of our Fizzle Founder Stories, runs a seven-figure business as a youths speaker.

38. Personal/Virtual Assistant

Email/calendar management, social media/blog posting, and travel arrangement are just some of the many tasks people are willing to outsource to a capable virtual assistant.

Real World Example: Fizzle member Hannah O’Brien runs a effective virtual assistant and operational support business based out of Australia.

39. Ghostwriter

Ghostwriters produce writing that’s published under someone else’s by-line. This can include blog posts, articles, books, and more.

Real World Example: Fizzler Kevin T. Johns (that’s me, this post’s author!) runs a ghostwriting business where he writes books and articles for other people’s by-line.

40. Digital Scrapbooking Teacher

This business idea involves teaching people the way to capture and share special memories creatively through digital scrapbooking.

Real World Example: Fizzler Cassel has live classes, online resources, and forums for digital scrapbooking students at Scrapbook Campus.

41. Food Product Creator

People need to eat and drink. You can make a living feeding them!

Real World Examples: Fizzler Marianne Sundquist’s Mess Hall Cocktail Co. sells preserved cherries.

Andy Purdue has got the drinks covered over at Great Northwest Wine.

42. Personal Care/ Beauty Product

This business idea is a unique opportunity for you to help people look and feel their best, and make a living doing it.

Real World Example: Fizzler Kelsey Hunt’s Clean Pits Co. sells hand-churned natural deodorant for folks who want to smell wonderful without poisoning their bodies or the environment.

43. Health and Wellness Support

This business idea involves moving your clients towards happier, healthier lives.

Real World Example: Fizzler Aimee Pasek’s Be. Strong. Peaceful. comes with yoga and mindfulness resources, a brick and mortar studio, and an online studio launching this fall.

44. Apparel Producer

If clothes are your thing, an apparel business may be the way to go.

Real World Examples: Fizzler Brendan Hufford runs Ok! Kimonos, where parents can get all the best gear for the little Brazillian Jiu Jitsu fighter in their life.

Serial entrepreneur Andreea Ayers is featured in one of our Fizzle Founder Stories and she got her begin with an eco-friendly t-shirt company.  

45. Career Coach

Finding and landing a career that fits perfectly isn’t easy, which is why so many people turn to a career coach for help.

Real World Examples: Fizzler Kate Ostrem runs 9 Open Doors, where she uses her expertise in Ennegram personality profiles to help teams and leaders thrive in their careers.

Expert career coach Jenny Blake is featured in one of our Fizzle Founder Stories.

46. Property Investment Services

Finding, purchasing, and caretaking investment properties isn’t easy, and many people are willing to pay for help.

Real World Example: Nick is the #1 all time nearly all prolific poster in the Fizzle forums, and his company iFind Property helps connect real estate investors in New Zealand with the right property, walks them through the purchasing process, and puts them in touch with the real estate professionals needed to build and maintain an investment portfolio.

47. Marketing Consultant

Building a great product or delivering a top notch service is only half the battle to creating a effective business, which is why many businesses hire expert consultants to supercharge their marketing campaigns.

Real World Example: Marketing consultant and bestselling author John Jantsch is featured in one of our Fizzle Founder Stories.  

48. Freelance Software Engineer

Just because you’re a software engineer doesn’t mean you have to work for The Man. As a freelancer, you can designer, analyze, test, and upgrade software on your own terms.

Real World Example: Nicky Hajal has built several web apps, including Action Ally. When he isn’t building his own businesses, he helps others including the World Domination Summit and Fizzle as a freelance software engineer.

49. Reviewer Business

Running a webblog doesn’t necessarily mean having to come up with brilliant new content on a regular basis. Many effective blogs have built audiences simply by reviewing existing products. This is a great business idea if you are an enthusiast in some particular area.

Real World Examples: Darren Rouse of Problogger got his begin as a professional blogger by reviewing digital cameras.

Our very own Chase Reeves has a side-hustle reviewing bags.

50. Online Music Teacher

If you know the way to shred the guitar like Hendrix or smash those drums like Dave Grohl, a business offering online music training might be for you.

Real World Example: Fizzle member Geoff Chalmers turned a effective career as a freelance bassist and bass teacher into a full featured online training community called Discover Double Bass.

Still need help choosing a business idea? We’ve got you covered!

One of the foundational courses in Phase 1 of our 9-Stage Small Business Roadmap is our “Choosing a Topic” course.

Our Choosing a Topic, taught by Fizzle Co-founder Corbett Barr will walk you through EVERYTHING you need to know about choosing a business idea that works. By the time you’ve completed the course, you’ll have erased the uncertainty surrounding your business idea and confidently chosen an idea that isn’t just planning to be a profitable business, but one that’s planning to feel right for you and your unique situation in life.

Start your two week free trial of Fizzle today to get access to all the founder stories and courses mentioned in this article, including our Choosing a Topic course.

Listen to the podcast:

Get a bit more in-depth on several of these business ideas. Also, hear what we’ve learned, personally, about what makes a business idea work.

Show Notes

  • Choosing a Business Idea? Avoid These 10 Mistakes
  • Transcript: Seth Godin on the Art of Noticing, and Then Creating (Jan 24, 2013) | On Being


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    the layout to your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it your self?
    Either way keep up the nice quality writing, it is uncommon to
    peer a nice blog like this one these days..

  22. bridgett^Bought for my son – perfect he loves it.~5|jasonhathawy^The kid loves it. Colors are vibrant and has been holding up to serious preteen activities. Great shirt.~5|HNRYJ^It is amazing I get several compliments a day every time I wear it. I am going to buy more for family~5|Amazon Customer^The quality is good. The sleeves are a little shorter than many t shirts. The colors are beautiful.Overall it is a nice shirt and fun.~4|Serhii^It’s a garbage. Different color&#44 low quality print&#44 small size~3|Matthew^Awesome my son will love it~5|Brandon Y.^Fast shipping&#44 cool shirt.~5|

  23. R.^The Primus shirt that I purchased came from the seller ‘Priam&#44′ which was the only option available when I had purchased it. Given that it had good reviews&#44 I thought it would be just fine. It took over 3 weeks to be delivered and when I got the package&#44 I saw that it came from China… which is fine&#44 but I was unaware of that. The picture looks like an average style band tee&#44 right? Plus the description says cotton. However&#44 I received some weird fake satin&#44 polyester shirt (like a tapestry or tablecloth material) with no tags and a ridiculously blurry image – seriously? I requested a refund already&#44 but I was really excited and disappointed by this awful shirt.Moral of the story: double check the source/seller that you purchase from because now the seller for this shirt is someone else&#44 not the one that I originally purchased from.*attached are photos&#44 flash is on to show odd material and blurry image~3|Amazon Customer^Really love this shirt! PRIMUS SUCKS!~5|Amazon Customer^This shirt is well made&#44 nice material not too elastic. Has a nice fit too it&#44 it’s alittle on the slim and tight size so if you’re looking for a baggy shirt you man want to go a size up or find a different one.~5|Naut^Not sure what it is&#44 but it seems to fit a little strange around the torso. Seems to be just me&#44 so eh. Print is nice though&#44 thick cotton.~4|Drumhead00^Fits like it should but I know as soon as I throw it in the dryer it’ll shrink a lot unfortunatel .~4|Genevieve Shermn^The shirt is a good quality and it fits just as expected. The design looks good and it’s super comfortable.~5|TheCasshole^I loved it. It’s good quality material. Not that annoying cheap stuff that gets holes in it too easily.~5|Gunslingerfire^Ain’t nothin’ quite like sittin’ round the house&#44 sippin’ on them cans of swine. Kansas wine?~5|Amazon Customer^Excellent!~5|Amazon Customer^Bought this for an 11 year old boy. Kinda small for a grown man.~4|

  24. Garrett Hogan^This was described as a XL hat when I bought it – the description has since changed. I have an unusually large head (Gift or curse? I like to say it is for my large brain – not sure my wife would agree) and was excited when I saw this advertised as XL. However it was tiny and has sat there ever since as I could not be bothered sending it back. Serves me right for buying clothes on Amazon!~3|Bonnie Truman^I like the material. However&#44 the 4.5 cm brim is too small to block the sun light. It is written in the specification of the product from the vendor. It is my own fault that I thought it would be sufficient for me. If the brim becomes ~3″ wide that will make this hat perfect for me. However&#44 the first day I wore this hat&#44 a stranger passed by and commented “nice hat.” So I think the style is good.~4|DEK^Great quality hat! My husband loves it and it fits his big head perfectly! Durable and provides just enough shade. Even when it gets wet&#44 if you lay it out in the sun for about 10 minutes&#44 it is dry. Flexible enough that you can smoosh it up and cram in your pocket or fold it nicely. Doesn’t shrink much in the wash either. The color is as shown. This is really a great hat for the price!***I paid full price for this item and was not obligated to leave any type of review whether it be positive or negative. I wrote this review in order to assist the general consumer make an informative decision when purchasing a product that they can’t touch prior***~5|Amazon Customer^My husband has a huge head&#44 so most hats don’t fit him. I ordered him a 3XL hat&#44 and it’s actually loose on his head! I never thought I would find a hat that was too big! He’s amused by it & doesn’t want to return it. I’ll update if it shrinks after he sweats in it & we wash it a couple of times. I’m thrilled with a company that actually offers large hats. I’ll definitely be ordering more hats from them in different designs. I might even try out a 2XL and see if that fits him.~5|Jason^I have a huge head and very thick hair so I was pleased as punch when I seen this hat came in a XXL. I tried the hat on and it fits my melon size head with ease and looks darn good doing so too. That’s when I notice the odd color of the Khaki hat. It had an odd greenish tint to it. I pulled out a few pair of my khaki shorts&#44 no match. I took another look at the picture on the site and the color was way different. Had to return the hat. (disappointed)~3|Mary^The hat is fine&#44 but when I received it it reeked of cigarette smoke which means it was a used product (not what I thought I was buying) or the person who packed it was a heavy smoker. Either way it was not wearable until it had been hung outside for over 24 hours. I like the hat but was disappointed with the condition of it when it was received because I usually am very happy with my Amazon orders.~3|chris^This is a pretty good hat&#44 and for the price&#44 it’s the best quality of those available on Amazon. It’s a good fit&#44 color matches the photo&#44 and it has a nice washed-out pattern. The vent holes have metal grommets. Recommended!~4|t young^very happy with my new hat&#44 and the service was great~5|Vail Ryan^Kinda large&#44 but it’ll do. Looks like it ought to hold up.~3|trekker^The fit is somewhat small and the brim a little on the short side. Other than that&#44 I like it.~4|

  25. I dreamed that I was walking next to a beautiful, huge chestnut horse. As we were getting closer to the stables I saw a man hitting a horse, also a chestnut, the horse was on it’s hind legs trying to pull free. Then suddenly the horse lay down on it’s side. Blood was flowing from it’s side. I was shocked at what I saw and started running towards the stables, shouting at the man to stop and saw that there were 3 horse’s lying on their sides with blood streaming out the wounds. When I reached the horses I was relieved to see that they were stil alive and that I could still help them. Then I woke up.

  26. We will hopefully be up soon. We had a issue with a brand new camera so we are waiting for its replacement to arrive. We still have internal cams so we hope to have them streaming soon. We also had a squirrel try to take up residence, so we have some nest cleaning to do.

  27. David, you’re incredible; an inspiration. I am mainly a clarinettist but I have taught myself a little of the violin too…recently especially, you have been a complete inspiration to me. I love music. It has helped me through every stage of my life and a world without it would not only be silent but completely empty and lonely. Some day I hope to be as great a musician as you are now. And even if I never reach your standard I will continue to love music and the way it can effect and change me…I can’t put into words how incredible I think you are. The way you play ‘Viva la vida’ shows just how much you not only play, but feel, music. And I absolutely LOVE the way you arrange your music with such an incredible combination of genres and styles! Thank you for everything, please come to the UK even more frequently…Much love, Jade

  28. My CD 4 count is 446 and my boyfriend his still negative n now want a baby I’m scared of that my CD 4 count can drop maybe during delivery. I’m steal safe can I become pregnant?

  29. Hi, i started using atroiza last year when i founded out im positive and was pregnant. At that time and they made me vomit a lot and i was very dizzy but now it has all gone and i’m fine. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who is negative.

  30. Cam^My mom was really happy with the shirt Ladies if you want it to be fitted I’d suggest you order your exact size or order a size down. It is bulky but my mom likes that. It also is glittery. :-)~5|Gail A. Honadle^LOVE IT&#44 if you can’t say it out loud&#44 a T Shirt is a great message board. As I am a Ret. SCPO’s wife the anchor made it special with the message that Jesus is my anchor. And I’m the wife of a Ret. SCPO so the anchor is a double meaning for me.~5|Amazon Customer^The material of the shirt is very nice and of course I love the message. Fit is perfect as well. However&#44 the colors of the lettering is not as vibrant as the picture and I’m not sure what glitter or sparkles people are talking about bc my shirt has not glitter or is it sparkly anywhere (which I’m sad about). Either way I still like the shirt and will buy from this seller again.~4|Toni^It is not a 100% cotton t-shirt as is stated in the description therefore it does not run true to size. No tags on it so couldn’t tell you what it is made of. Appears to be some kind of spandex material. Needless to say I was very disappointed.~4|Kelly A. Hudak^ordered it for my husband&#44 but the sparkles make it more girly… so we returned it. good for someone who likes sparkles!~4|Christy^My sister love s it. I want one too!~4|Yoyo^Love my shirt! Fits true to size. And dryer proof!~5|Lindsay^Love&#44 love&#44 love this shirt. My favorite verse. Fits like it should&#44 and comfortable. I wear it constantly!~5|James V^So thankful that JESUS is the anchor of my soul! 🙂 How wonderful it is to know that He paid the penalty for all of our sins on the cross! I really like this t-shirt. (It seems to run just a little bit on the large side&#44 but I’d rather have it a bit large than too small. I’ve washed and worn it quite a few times now and it still fits nicely and looks as good as new.)~5|Jami^Bought for my daughter-in-law who&#44 along with my son&#44 is in the Navy. Suited great for her. She loved it.~5|

  31. Amazon Customer^Every bit as advertised. I work as an aircraft fueler which involves spending a lot of time outdoors. Does an excellent job of protecting your neck and face from the sun. Lost the face protector so i may order a new one. Highly recommended for anyone who spends a great deal of time working in the sun.~5|B. Williams^Not the most attractive hat but it protects you from the sun. When the sun goes down you can convert it to a normal baseball capFits like a runners hatI used it at Disney World. Its lightweight and easy to pack – not ridgid~5|Manuel Mora Picado^They are of good quality&#44 however&#44 the sizes are a bit large.~3|L.A. Sancho^Very nice cap&#44 not too big&#44 and protects well. Even comes with a shroud for your face and feels well made. Will put it to the test.~5|Eduardo Rossi^It has only one size but it looks a little small~3|Patricia^This hat is nothing like the description given. First of all&#44l it is NOT cotton! The label inside clearly says “100% Polyester”. The hat is flimsy (arrives in a flat envelope)&#44 very poor quality (made in China)&#44 and is extremely small. I have a small head and I couldn’t get it on. The people that raved about how good the hat is must have gotten a different hat than I did. I returned the hat immediately and I would not recommend buying it to anyone.~3|wifemothe^Like the fit&#44 whiteness and material. consider this hat well worth the price.~4|C. Gray^I have had chemo&#44I have no hair&#44 I have a petite sized head and I could not wear this hat.If this is a child’s hat&#44 it should be listed as such.~3|twoodhull^I lost all my hair recently due to chemotherapy treatments. Was looking for a lightweight summer hat that offers full coverage (e.g. hat covers the head all the way to the neck in the back). This hat is perfect and I’ve received lots of compliments from people about how cute it is. Durable but not too stiff.~4|MarciMcc^This hat is way too big for my head. It also has a large dome. Definitely not sized for me.~4|Amazon Customer^fabric a bit too light~3|Susan Hunter^One size fits all but still too large.~3|Rendheb^I should have known better — there is no “one size fits all.” Way too big.~4|TMoney^It was a very nice hat but&#44 was really large for my head~3|KAREN O.^I have ordered hats that say One Size Fits Most before&#44 and typically they fit fine&#44 but this one was huge and definitely not wearable. I was very disappointed.~4|

  32. MaryKate McNeill^Caution to the buyer: do not purchase this. It is a bootleg version of the tshirt with a cheap iron-on decal. I am extremely disappointed. Will be returning asap. Save yourself the long wait and money. Quality is very cheap and it is clearly not what is advertised. It was also about 5 days late.~3|No one^I ordered this for my little girl and it looks great on her and she really loves it. I ordered one size bigger just in case it runs small and it did. It’s a good looking shirt.~5|Beeswax^Great shirt that is well made and there are no problems with the stitching or the iron on. My daughter loves super hero’s so this shirt is a big hit with her and her friends want 1 too.~5|Buddy James Fazzio^My daughter loves her DC superhero girls shirt. I love that she has better role models then helpless princesses. The shirt fits good and is well made~5|KASHUS^My granddaughter loves superheros and it is so hard to find items for girls. This is perfect and she loves it.~5|Leehela^Cute! I bought a medium for my 7 year old daughter and it fits perfectly.~5|Kim B.^Got this for my daughter and it’s her favorite shirt!~5|mgee^not sure yet re fit–Christmas gift~5|Bobbi Clay^They loved the shirts~5|Amazon Customer^Super cheap material and shrunk two sizes after one wash but I was kinda expecting that for the price.~3|Helene^:)~5|Norm Cannada^my brother loved it~3|Chris^The shirt looks great. The screen print was right on target and the colors were vibrant. I would definitely recommend this company. Make America Great Again !!~5|mam^Logo was printed off center at an angle… pffft~4|Joe donker^Material collects hair and lint from everything~3|Willie Ronshausen^The shirt fits great and I am proud to wear it.~5|Jelynne^#MAGA.~5|ernest vasquez^Nice shirt~4|Bryce S. Wuergler^Great fitting shirt! MAGA!!!!~5|

  33. I have strted taking these pills together with pills nurse said it will prevent me from being affected with TB on the 29th July 2013. All I’m. Feeling is this ugly taste under my tongue I hate taking them. Everything in the morning everything is annoying me I have runny tummy, I get tired. Dear I hate them. Will these feelings ever go away.?

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  35. Jess M^Came in and fit our group just great. Would order again from this seller. The pink is slightly lighter than the picture&#44 but still looks nice.~5|kayla^Super cute shirts I got for my bridesmaids. The shirts were awesome and the colors were great! It did fit my girls a little tight so you might want to go with a size bigger&#44 but other then that they were great!!~4|Andrea^GOOD QUALITY~5|Amazon Customer^I love this shirt I normally wear a large in shirts but not wanting the hassle of sending it back if I didn’t fit I went up a size I like loose fitting shirts so XL was perfect for me~5|Amazon Customer^My product fit me very well and I’m happy that I ordered from you.~5|Amazon Customer^The material isn’t soft. Cute if you plan to only wear once.~3|Amazon Customer^These shirts are perfect! A great buy for a bachelorette party.~5|Novia M. Jordan^I brought shirts for my bridal party&#44 the price is worth it. I love it!~5|Annda L Yang^as expected~3|Rose Bunkley^Fit as expected~5|

  36. Do genital warts or warts in general, have anything to do with HIV? I’ve been on Tribuss for 8 months. I have warts on my vagina and fingers. They started on my vagina a few weeks ago.

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  38. Hi i jst need to know how dangerous is it if i dnt proceed with the tablet named norstan isonniazid.i have been diagnosed to hiv and my doctor told me my cd4 count is down to 295.i am afraid to start arvs.is it posible for it to be up again without taking treament?i am just so afraid.please help

  39. I’ve painful red eyes after I was first given odimune 3 months ago and then given atroiza last month,what shall I do to correct this?I can’t see properly yet I have glasses which were prescribed by the optometrist.

  40. Hi, I started using Tribuss about 6 months ago, in May 2013, as my CD4 count was 250 and I developed Shingles. But I am losing weight and I saw a nutritionalist who advise me to eat healthy. I have a healthy appetite and eat three full meals a day plus snack on fruit inbetween but I have lost approximately 20 kg. I am concerned because I do not want to leave my ARV but I do not have a partner. I do not have pain anywhere in my body and I am very energetic. Please advise.

  41. Sooo I took the quiz and I’m a butterfly but also. I’m pretty sure right now my spirit animal is the unicorn. Like not areal animal. How do I understand my spirit animal as a mystical creature

  42. In my country of Japan, we don’t have TVs onboard buses. What we have instead are digital displays that shows how much to pay depending on where you got on and where you’re getting off.

  43. bahfafah^Eww. WAY TOO BIG! This definitely NOT an XS. Finding a fitted hat in XS is very hard&#44 so I was happy to find one&#44 only to receive one that’s easily two sizes too big. Don’t buy this hat if you’ve a small head.~3|Gianni A Pinello^I always buy these hats from this company bc they’re consistent w size and it’s hard for me to find hats that fit well and look good. Don’t buy an xs if you don’t have a small head~5|Scott A.^Awesome Product.~4|Melinda Cole^Good hat!~4|

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  163. I was suggested this website by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my problem. You’re amazing! Thanks!,

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